2022 Zora Music Festival Presented George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Tom Brown And Special Formula Band

EATONVILLE – The MC for the Festival was none other than JoJo O’Neal herself of Star 94.5FM, Cox Media. Some members of the group included Bootsy Collins, Eddie Hazel (guitar since 1969) and Bernie Worrell (keyboard 1974-1981). This was one of the most exciting festivals I’ve ever attended in my life. When I was a young man, back in the days I listened to the sounds of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and Tom Brown all the time while in the parks, cars, busses, while biking and in clubs. I used to always say “feet don’t fail me now.” Lol! Today when you’re walking down the street and a car goes by with your favorite song playing, I know you go cray right! Back in the day I used to walk around with a boom box and a cassette player jamming to George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. I never thought that the day would come, but I was back stage with the man himself, Mr. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and Tom Brown celebrating the City of Eatonville’s Zora Music Festival is held every year for two weeks. This year the City to Eatonville celebrated in a big way, because this is George Clinton’s last tour at age 83 in the oldest Black City in the U.S. This was a historical moment in the City of Eatonville. I took a moment to just look around the event and what I saw was lots of people. I was amazed at just being in the moment with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic for the first time in my life. I sang every song from beginning to end. All I could think about was what I was doing at the time I first heard these artists on the radio.  Thanks goes to Zora Festival Planning Board and the City of Eatonville for taking me back in time. I saw old friends at the Festival that I hadn’t seen in years. The greatest music festival on earth, celebrating the oldest Black city in America, Eatonville! I’ll see you next year at Zora Festival! Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There!