Beacon College Salon Speaker Series: Educational, Edifying, Entertaining

Eric Deggans


Darryl Owens, Vice President of Communications at Beacon College and Salon Speaker Series coordinator

LEESBURG – Eric Deggans, a National Public Radio (NPR) TV culture critic, enlightened a lively audience of more than 100 about the “Future of TV, Social Media and Objective Truth in the Modern World” at Beacon College’s first presentation in its sixth season’s Salon Speaker Series Thursday, September 8, 2022 Venetian Center, 1Dozier Circle, Leesburg, Florida 34748.

Mr. Deggans’ presentation outlining how media technology will evolve in the future and how that will affect how we all communicate with each other created rigorous conversations with his audience on topics like “How Media, TV Affect You”, “How to Spot Fake News”, The Media Diet and Food Pyramid” and more

“Trust,” Deggans said, “is news media biggest challenge. Trust in news media has fallen to the lowest level in history.  Honest journalism is dead.”

Regarding news consumption, Deggans said the areas to watch are race, culture and identity. He encouraged the audience to moderate their cable news and online news consumption because they work on conflict and fear.

Many attendees, like Ms. Georgette, felt the social media speaker series was very informative and entertaining.

“In its sixth year, the Beacon Salon Speaker Series at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida is the school’s flagship community education outreach program. The Speaker Series brings in speakers, educators, authors, and entertainers from Florida and around the country to educate, edify, and entertain by exploring Florida’s history, waxing poetry, delving into popular culture, and clenching the political third rail.”

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