CeCe Teneal’s Icons Celebrating 20 Years Of Entertainment, Heroes And Heroines


ORLANDO – My wife and I were so honored to have been a guest of CeCe Teneal for her Icons Award Celebration where she recognized 10 of Orlando’s icons. My wife and I, Jimmie and Diann Williams, will never forget that evening of the Icons. It was an evening full of stars. We were celebrating with some of the hardest working individuals in Central Florida. CeCe Teneal and her accompanying orchestra, band, singers, choir, and dancers were absolutely amazing. My wife and I had the pleasure of taking a few pictures with some of the attendees. Spending the evening with CeCe Teneal and her family was a truly amazing experience. Oh yeah for this celebration the family was in the building. To help celebrate CeCe Tenael’s Iconic moment in history, Orlando City Mayor Buddy Dyer presented a proclamation to CeCe Tenael and gave her a day in Orlando calling it “The CeCe Tenael Icon Day”. Also in attendance were Orlando City Commissioner Regina I. Hill District 5, Orlando City Commissioner Bakari F. Burns District 6, Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan District 4 and a full house of friends, family, guests and fans. The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts did an amazing job. The Center was breath taking as always. David Hardrick, Justin Muchoney, Chevalier Lovett and Ericka Dunlap did an excellent job. CeCe Teneal sang original music and some cover tunes as well. Now that’s how you celebrate 20 years of music and entertainment. Ms. CeCe Teneal blew the doors off of the Steinmetz Hall. Back in the day when you did something amazing people would say things like, “woo, wow, spectacular, just awesome, did you see that!” Well I’m here to tell you that during the whole performance that’s all you could hear and see the people reacting to having a great experience happening right before their eyes and enjoying every moment. To all of the ICONS,  Jolene O’Neal, Marcia Hope Goodwin, Cole NeSmith, LaVon Bracy-Daivs, Angelica Sanchez, Andrea Green, Esu Ma’at, Terry Olson, Grant Preisser and Justin Williams, the heroes and heroines of the event 5 ***** to you all. I’ll see you next year at the 2023 21st Iconic celebration. Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There!