Celebrating 100 Years, Callahan Neighborhood Center “Old Jones High School” With Mr. Willie Anderson (Shane Hondo)


ORLANDO – Someone asked me at the end of the celebration what did I think of the event. Before I tell you guys what I said, let me tell you a little bit about this event and what took place at the 100 years Callahan Neighborhood Center celebration. Lol! Wow! We had so much fun talking about old times back in the days at the Callahan Center. Over the years the Callahan Center was much more than just a school. It was also a home away from home in the community. It’s the place where I first met Mr. Willie Anderson (Shane Hondo) playing and coaching basketball and mentoring the youth in the park. It was in the year 1970 when I first saw the old Jones High School, it was in ruins with bats in the building. Everyone spoke from their heart about what the Callahan Center meant to them. It was a lot of old memories shared from everyone that attended the celebration. City of Orlando and City Commissioner Regina I. Hill of District 5 presented the 100 years Callahan Neighborhood Center celebration along with their communities partners. Orlando City Commissioner Regina I. Hill and myself have a lot of great memories that took place on the grounds of Callahan in the park area that includes playing football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, boxing, martial art and potato sack races. Lol! Also there was Bobbing for Apples in the little green building back in the days. For 53 years Callahan has been my park away from home. The city of Orlando and City Commissioner Regina I. Hill gets 5***** stars for their great work for recognizing the 100 years Callahan Neighborhood Center. I’ll see you in the park. Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There!