Kissimmee Volunteers Launch Global Campaign Offering Message Of Hope


KISSIMMEE – At a time when the desire for better government is on the minds of people the world over, Jehovah’s Witnesses will launch an international campaign to bring attention to a universal solution. The Witnesses will feature a special edition of The Watchtower magazine, available in over 780 languages in print and online, with the theme “What Is God’s Kingdom?”

Local volunteers from Kissimmee will distribute this special-edition magazine during the month of September.

“I’m eager to share this special issue with my neighbors,” said Kissimmee resident Jazmine Charles, “because it helps them see that soon, under God’s Kingdom, all causes for suffering will end, and mankind will be able to look forward to an eternity of peace and happiness.”

Throughout the centuries, millions of Jesus’ followers have prayed the words “thy Kingdom come” but wonder what that Kingdom is, what it will accomplish, and when it will come. To answer those age-old questions, the Witnesses’ special-edition magazine will reference key Bible passages. The clear and simple explanations have been designed to appeal to both new and experienced Bible readers.

“Better rulership is a subject often spoken about but rarely agreed upon, when it comes to how it might be achieved,” said Keith Barros, spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Despite those disagreements, we can maintain hope for better rulership. Just imagine having Jesus to rule as King. He’ll be the perfect ruler because he has both the desire and the power to solve, not just some, but every problem faced by mankind.”

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jehovah’s Witnesses distributed millions of this special-edition magazine through letters, even sending copies to thousands of government officials worldwide. Now that they have returned to their door-to-door public ministry post-pandemic, this will be the first in-person campaign where they will have the opportunity to discuss the important and very timely subject with their neighbors.

A free digital copy of this special issue of The Watchtower, as well as information about the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses, is available at The Witnesses’ site offers practical Bible-based content for people of all ages and beliefs in over 1,070 languages.