MBK From The Heart Poetry Slam, City Of Orlando, My Brother’s Keeper

ORLANDO – These young men are the future doctors, law enforcement officers, firemen, lawyers, entrepreneurs, scientists, astronauts and politicians of tomorrow. They’re smart, strong, intelligent and they are their brother’s keeper. Former President Obama launched “My Brother’s Keeper” in February 2014 to address the persistent opportunity gaps boys and young men of color face and to ensure all. My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. provides support and training services in fiscal, program, and organizational management. The people that are in the photos are Bobby Belton Jr. (My Brother’s Keeper Coordinator), Raysean Brown (Youth Advocate), Shawn (Welcome City of Orlando Poet Laureate), Tara Russakov (FPR Communications Manager), Rebecca Kobrin (FPR Communications Coordinator) and Frances Rivera (Digital Communications Coordinator). Thanks to City of Orlando City Commissioner Bakari F. Burns of District 6 for all that he does in the City Beautiful. I, Jimmie Williams have about 18 proclamations from the City of Orlando, one of which is the proclamation from the City of Orlando Mayor’s office for “My Brother’s Keeper.” It’s was just awesome being in the room with these great leaders of tomorrow. Bobby Belton Jr.-My Brother’s Keeper Coordinator and Raysean Brown- Youth Advocate have done a great job with these young men. I was proud to be in the same room with these young men. The students, Marc Williams “I Choose”, Jaheim Pierre-Louis and A’Mauri Richardson “For My Brother,” Racquel Colton and Aidyn Benitez “Dear Future,” Jose Marrero and J’Den Zamora, “Confidence on a Hundred,” Brandon Patrick and Omari Robinson “Want It Badder,” Jameer Wiggins and Widel Baptiste “Changed My Life,” Terry Lampkin and Jayden Wright “Brotherhood” and Kendrick Morgan “The Mission.” Great work City of Orlando! Keep it up!