The Orlando Times, Windom Solutions, Jimmie Williams And Stadium Stylz Cutz Presented The Holden Heights Community Back To School Event


ORLANDO – A week ago I shared with you guys that I fell down and hurt myself, but that happened back in February. I wasn’t feeling well so I decided that I wasn’t going to do a back to school event for the year of 2022. I shared this decision with my wife, Diann Williams, and I told her that I just didn’t have it in me to make all the phone calls, send out emails and the foot work that it takes to get it done. So I called on my Lord and Savior to help me. I was having a personal conversation with my Lord because I didn’t have the energy to do the foot work. There I was going back and forth between home and therapy and then I got a phone call from one of my community partners asking me about what I was doing for back to school this year. Well before I could answer him he said to me, “Mr. Williams we here at Sunshine Health want to help you by making a donation to you so you can continue helping the residents in Districts 6 and 5 with school supplies”. I said to myself, “Okay Lord I get it, let’s get to work.” Lol! I didn’t have any book bags just the supplies. Now I know you’re not going to believe me but here it goes. So I get another phone call from a different community partner saying that they are donating 150 book bags to me for the residents in the Parramore Holden Heights community. When I got off the phone I just sat there for a minute just thinking and saying to myself thank you Lord. Then I asked my Lord to heal my body and give me strength so that I may continue to do His work. At that point I had gotten my orders from my biggest sponsor, my Lord and Savior, so no matter how I felt I have to do our annual back to school event. Along with The Orlando Times newspaper, Mr. Sandon Baker, Windom Solutions, Stadium Stylz Cutz, Al’s Food Store and The Breakfast Corner, we had a great event. Oh yeah and we got rained out the day of the event. So I drove around in Districts 5 and 6 giving out back to school supplies for about five days. Just look at the smiles on those kids’ faces and their parents’ faces. It is priceless. My community partners and I love giving back to the community in a big way. We will see you guys in 2023 at our next annual back to school event. We also gave out 40 $5.00 gift cards.