Tobacco Free Florida In Orange County Offers Floridians Quit Season Tips, Support For 2023 Resolutions


Florida made great strides in 2022. Across the state, the rate of adult current smokers has dropped to 13%, a decrease of more than 11% from the previous year.1,2 The number of youth who have ever tried a cigarette dropped by 28.9% over the past five years, and the percentage of Florida youth trying electronic vapor products, like electronic cigarettes, has decreased each of the last five years.3 In Orange County, the proportion of Florida youth who report currently using any tobacco product declined from 15% in 2018 to 10% in 2020, then to 8% in 2022.

While 2022 saw thousands of people across Florida successfully undergo a quit journey beginning with a New Year’s resolution during Quit Season, for many more friends and neighbors the struggle continues. A recent study found most adult smokers in Florida tried to quit smoking at least once in the past year.4

While every year many people successfully quit on their own, more than 289,000 Floridians have quit tobacco directly by using Tobacco Free Florida’s free tools and services.


Many New Year’s resolutions – even the most well-intended ones – can fall away with time. When it comes to the important decision to quit tobacco, some suggestions can help Quit Season be the start of a healthy 2023.

Remember your reason.

What’s your biggest personal motivator to quit? If what keeps you going is a desire to be healthy and be there for your kids for years to come, plan to strategically position photos of those smiling faces in the places you used to take your smoke breaks.

Maybe you’re quitting because you like the idea of putting thousands of dollars back in your pocket in 2023. Add to your wallet or purse a note keeping track of how much you’re saving every day, and set a goal to save for a specific treat, reward or trip.

Tell your friends and family about your quit date and plan.

Thank your personal network in advance for their patience and support as you start your quit journey. This might include switching up your plans to include new routines to meet up in new, different places from where you used to go if tobacco was part of that experience. And of course, they can cheer you on along your path to success!

Know that a slip-up can be a lesson, not a loss

It may take several attempts to successfully complete a tobacco quit journey. If you have slip-ups along the way, look at what happened and see if you can use it to make an even more well-informed quit plan as you continue. Was it certain situations that led you to smoke, and can you change those circumstances? Is there one time of day you’re especially likely to feel the urge, and how can you plan for support during those most challenging times? A temporary slip doesn’t have to mean the end of the road to a healthier 2023.


Support can be what makes this new year’s quit attempt a success. That can come in many forms. Tobacco Free Florida’s Quit Your Way program offers free Phone Quit, Group Quit and Web Quit services across the state, text-based support, a Quit Guide and more. Group Quit classes are also free, either in-person in any of the 67 counties across Florida or even virtually right from wherever you are.

Teens should know that an interactive, text-based quit support is available by texting VAPEFREE to 873373 to join the state’s Live Vape Free program.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) like gum, patches or lozenges could double your chances of quitting for good, and free 2-week starter kits are available when medically appropriate.5

As people across Orange County and throughout Florida begin 2023, many will begin in on a journey to committing to a goal of better personal health. For those seeking to ring in the new year with Quit Season, Tobacco Free Florida is available to help.