Ultimate Health In Lake County Helping To Heal The Community

(left to right): Nadia LPN, Sarah Practice Manager and Receptionist, Amanda APRN, Yazmyne Receptionist and Contour Specialist


LAKE COUNTY – It has truly been a world wind year for Ultimate Health Direct Primary Care. The vision that Amanda Neil, NP had for the clinic could never measure up to what it has become in just a short period. Amanda conceptualized the idea for Ultimate Health at the onset of the pandemic in 2020. She was moved by the quote, “Millionaires are made in recessions”. While everyone else was trying to find toilet paper and Lysol wipes in bulk Amanda was putting together a phenomenal business plan. She did her research and decided to go with the direct primary care model for her practice. The idea of having a concierge medical practice intrigued and motivated her. She worked tirelessly to come up with the capital that was needed to purchase the building that is now home to Ultimate Health DPC. Many nights she worked as an RN after leaving her main job at the WIN Clinic. She can think back to those days, and it was all worth it to see how far the business has come.

The grand opening of the clinic which took place on 08/16/2021 was a day to be celebrated. So many community members came out to the event to show their support and learn more about the practice that would soon take Leesburg by storm. No one would have ever believed that an African American girl from Winter Haven, Florida would open and operate one of the most successful medical practices in Lake County. To say that Amanda has set the bar high for future direct primary care practices is an understatement. Not only did she design the interior of the building, but she also managed to incorporate another business within Ultimate Health. In June of 2022 Ultimate Body Spa was launched in response to the many individuals that were seeking weight loss management. At Ultimate Body Spa consumers can have laser lipo performed by a qualified technician any day of the week. The flexibility of convenience of the clinic/spa is impeccable.

In addition to operating the clinic, monitoring the success of the spa, and dealing with all the responsibilities of a business owner Amanda still finds the time to become a TikTok sensation. It is nothing for one of her many videos to go viral. She is known for her catch phrase, “Hey friend!”, while holding on to her infamous coffee cup. The southern belle demeanor that she exudes is what draws people to her. Even those who do not know Amanda personally feel as if they do based on her southern values and welcoming spirit. To add to the many accomplishments and respect that she has earned over the past year Amanda continues to strive for wellness within her community. She is a dedicated member and board officer for the Leesburg Chamber of Commerce. If there is ever an event in Leesburg, you can expect to see Amanda in attendance. Amanda represents what it means to be community driven.

It would be inappropriate not to mention the dedicated women who help to ensure that Ultimate Health DPC and Ultimate Body Spa operate without a hiccup. Nadia, Sarah, Yazmyne, and Toya have been a great addition to the Ultimate Health family. These young ladies never miss an opportunity to showcase the excellence that was envisioned for the practice. They each work well together and strive to put patient needs first. The clinic which is opened on Saturday is always operational because the staff picks up the slack whenever it is needed. Amanda could not ask for anything more of her staff who have become more like family.

What started out as just a dream has now turned into one of the best success stories. With the help of so many individuals Amanda has been able to scale her business to record numbers. The growth continues as she adds more services to the plethora of offerings currently available. Members of the Chamber and a good friend at the SBDC have helped to get the Ultimate Health name out within the community. Amanda herself has done an incredible job of marketing as well. Most recently she was able to get a hand sanitizer station located in her local CVS. This was a monumental moment for Amanda because she expects to see massive growth from these campaigns. On the outside looking in one would believe that she has been operating for well over ten years with the amount of traction the business has made. She is expecting to continue bringing her services to other counties such as Polk, Orange, and Hillsborough. With the additional locations it is with certainty that we can expect to see Ultimate Health DPC for a long time to come. As a young girl growing up in Florence Villa this dream could have never been made into reality with faith, determination, and a major support system. Hats off to the Nurse Practitioner most affectionately known to her family and friends as “Doc”.