Voice Your Vote! A Candidates Forum Held By The Orange County Branch NAACP

ORLANDO – There is no better time to voice your vote than now. This is the primary election. This is the time to get our young people to understand the importance of their vote. The youth need to know the job and the political position of the person they’re voting for and know their job responsibilities as an elected official. Winning an election is not enough. You must know what the job description is at all times. Our younger generation needs to know the different levels of government such as what is a State Representative, Congress, Senator, Legislators and Judges. They need to know exactly what the person they are voting for is there for and that is to represent the people that put them in office in the first place. The NAACP’s forum of Voice Your Vote was my first. I learned so much about politics, politicians and soon to be politicians. There are five individuals running for the Florida House State Representative District 41 starting with Dr. Pam Powell, Bruce Antone, Mary Harris, current Rep. Travaris McCurdy and Shaniqua Rose. The moderators and questioners panel are as follows: moderator Shakhea Hinton, Deputy Communications Director for Florida Rising, Kevin T. Collins, Editor-in-Chief of The Orlando Times newspaper and Barbara Lanning, Co-President of the League of Women Voters of Orange County. Political action interim committee hosting was Dr. Vanessa Toolsie, NAACP Branch President, Dr. John H. Cummings, PAIC Chairperson, Larry Colleton, Esq., Co-Chairperson and Cassandra McAdams, Secretary. Committee members Atiyah Apline, Fran Eddings, Bernice Edwards, Saudi Ellis, Barbara Lanning, Reginald McGill, Niki Mixson, Kran Riley, Che Smith, Dr. Tari Spear and Brittany Buford. If you haven’t been to a Voice Your Vote forum, well the time is now. Don’t wait to find out who will win the election. Go vote and show your support to someone. Don’t waste your vote because it’s too valuable during these unknown times. Before you decide not to vote, just think about what kind of future your family will have without your vote. I’ll see you at the polls. Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There!
#@The Polls.