Central Florida Black Nurses Association – Mini Nurses Academy

Children who graduated
Teachers – Judith Clark, Carmen Isom, Aisha Pyatt


ORLANDO – The Central Florida Black Nurses Association (CFBNA) of Orlando, Inc.,  is honored to have been chosen as a local partner with National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) and CVS to implement the MINI NURSES ACADEMY.  Ivey Lane Elementary School in Orange County was selected for implementing this pilot program.  The purpose of this initiative was to address the urgent need to increase the number of nurses from disadvantaged and minority populations.  Also, it’s important for the younger generation to understand how improving access and delivery of culturally competent health care can impact community health.

So, how was the program implemented?  Twelve students who had an interest in health care were selected from the 3rd, 4tth and 5th grades.  They attended eight two-hour sessions that started October 24, 2022 until January 19, 2023.  They learned about the history of nursing and chronic diseases such as – hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.  They learned how to take a blood pressure and the importance of proper hand washing technique.  A germicide was used on their hands and a blue light test showed the amount of germs on their hands.  After learning proper hand washing techniques, the blue light test showed no germs left on their hands.  The students were so impressed.

They also learned how to perform CPR.  Infant manikins were used to teach them, and again the students were impressed.  They never imagined they could perform something that would save someone’s life.

The goal of the MINI NURSES ACADEMY is to create a network of local and national partners that will address the social determinants of health.  By learning the social determinants of health, the student begins to understand inequities in health care that a person receives, determined by their zip code, the difference in the quality of care which may be determined by – where you receive health care – in a local walk in clinic, in the emergency room, in a doctor’s office.

Graduation was held on February 23, 2023, 11 AM in the Media Center at Ivey Lane Elementary School.  For graduation each child was given and wore nursing scrubs, a white lab coat and a stethoscope.   As one attendee stated, “this program was life changing” for the students.  Representation is very important.  “If students can see it, they can achieve it”, was another comment.

It is the desire of CFBNA to follow these students and to do all we can to keep them focused and help them reach their goals.

For any questions about Central Florida Black Nurses Association of Orlando, please visit our website at – cfbnaoforlando.org.  If you are a nurse and interested in joining our organization, please download the membership application form, or join on-line and follow the directions.