Al’s Food Store & The Breakfast Corner & Jimmie “Drop D” Williams Presented The 10th Annual MLK South Street Jazz And Blues Cookout

Celebrating The Life And Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


ORLANDO – Have you ever went to an event celebration and you just knew you were in the right place? Well the MLK South Street Jazz and Blues Cookout was that place. It was a celebration with a purpose. We celebrated one of the greatest civil rights leaders of all times “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”, a leader that cannot go unrecognized. Leadership due to the example that he laid out for you to follow, in his footsteps and continue serving as a leader yourself. I’m not for sure but, what I got out of Dr. King’s speech was whatever you do positive in life just try to be the best at it. Ms. Adonica Gray was at her best when she gave her speech at the MLK celebration. Please go to my (Jimmie Williams) YouTube page and listen. I thought I planned out this event very well, but the morning of the event I had no gas for the generator. A nearby neighbor that lives across the street asked me how could he help? I said I need gas. The man said that he would take care of it and I said thank you sir! He just looked at me and said Mr. Williams this community appreciates you. Now I almost started to cry. You all know that I’m a big baby! All I really can say is that everyone that was involved with the MLK celebration did an awesome job making the MLK South Street Jazz And Blues Cookout the hottest event in the month of January 2023. The entertainment was spectacular; with Mr. Alvin Bell, Ms. Shay, Ms. Olyvya Kells, Mr. Andre A. Raysor and Uncle Al did his thang on the wheels of steel. DJ Uncle Al was also the engineer that turned off my microphone while I was on stage. Yes he was wrong for that. We were just having fun. To the Orlando Fire Department we would like to say thank you to you guys for your SERVICE out in the community and hanging out with us at the MLK celebration. To all the sponsors: Al’s Food Store, The Breakfast Corner, Florida Blue, Embrace Health, Stadium Stylz Cutz, Windom Solutions, Central Florida Black Nurses Association, The Orlando Times newspaper and Palmer Feed Store my wife and I as well as the residents of the Parramore community thank you for your continuous support. To the MLK Commission of the Mayor’s office, on behalf of our community thank you for supporting us by giving us T-shirts for the community attending the MLK South Street Jazz And Blues Cookout.