Amrak Teaches How To Use Others Negativity As Fuel To Do Great Things

Sean Roberts
Lavetta Jones


ORLANDO – People in life go through ups and downs and some people cannot get back up when they get down. One man by the name Sean Roberts figured out a way for people to get back up when they get down.

Sean Roberts the founder and producer of Amrak came up with a solution and that solution is to use negativity as fuel to do great things. Amrak is a nonprofit anti-bully organization aimed at taking the negative in life and turning it around to something positive through movie making, music videos and speaking engagements in many different communities.

Amrak is karma spelled backwards, the negative that one experience is a reminder that something great is about to happen. The idea came into play from a bullying experience Sean Roberts experienced in the entertainment industry from someone who was promoting a movie premiere. Sean was asked to help out and pull his resources together to the make the premier a success. Sean did his part and the premier was successful, but there was problem. The problem was the promoter acted like Sean had nothing to do with the success of the premier. As a result of this experience Sean was talking to a friend on the phone about what had happened and he wanted to show others what he was capable of doing.

So Sean wanted to make a film called Karma and his friend told him on the phone to call it Amrak. Not knowing what Amrak was his friend said it is karma spelled backwards, and after he heard the meaning Sean went on to create, write and produce his first film called Amrak and then later a music video with kids and adults who had been bullied in life. Sean chose to focus on people who were bullied and those who wanted to make a change for others and heal. As time progressed Sean worked with kids who were bullied in the entertainment industry that just kept kids from reaching their full potential.

Sean worked with a kid by the name of Josie Pantoja a kid who was young and determined to sing. She was bullied by a kid who liked her. Sean helped this kid by writing a song called I Matter in which she took it upon herself to sing and do a great job performing it on the radio for then station 95.3FM. Sean helped another kid by the name of Riley Resa who was bullied in school and in the entertainment industry. She was having problems in which Sean asked her to sing a song and in turn she said she had a song of her own to share. So working with her and her parent’s as they came up with a song in which her career started to flourish. She was now empowered and started singing around the country with a record deal.

These were some of the accomplishments Sean experienced. He didn’t stop there. Sean continued to produce more movies and videos with others who experienced bullying. While working on these projects people were still trying to hold Sean back from reaching his potential of helping people by saying he couldn’t be a producer or be in magazines and have his movies in theaters. Sean proved them wrong by having his films in theaters at locations like Universal Studios Movie Theater where the world comes to visit, at the Premier Movie Theater in Orlando.  His films have been on Roku under Creative Network Motions, Tivid TV and GLISS TV.

As Sean continued to work he was given the opportunity to be on the cover of Onyx Magazine 2017 and 23 other magazines and he was featured in a Russian magazine. He was also given the opportunity to be on CNN, FOX 35 News, Fox 13, JAX 4 News, Telemundo, Univision, News 6 and News 13’s Hero of the Week. Sean also explored the radio stations as well with his positive message that you can overcome and be great from bad experiences. He was on radio stations like 95.3FM Star 94.5FM and 104.5FM. As time progressed Sean spoke at schools in Orange County and the Boys and Girls Club in West Palm Beach. He also was in many different parades like the Irish Day Parade, the Puerto Rican Day Parade and had the ability to lead one of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parades one year.

Sean has worked with professional boxers, baseball players, football players and big named actors and producers to get his message out to make others better. Sean uses his upbringing from a single parent mother who shared values of God and to work hard for what you want even when others try to keep you from getting it. His own mother experienced bullying from domestic violence from Sean’s step-father and being told she couldn’t be anything but a security guard at a school. At that same school Sean’s mother experienced the bullying but she was elected Dean of Students because of her skill and wit. Her bullying experience made her strong and prepared her to be great. Sean took from his mother’s teachings and experiences and catholic school upbringing and prep school teaching that you can do anything as long as God is in your life.

Sean strongly believes in people who have had life beat them down. Sean has helped parents of kids who have had abuse through sexual or drug use and empowering them to be great and most have turned their lives around and become managers and supporters and volunteers for his productions. In Sean’s efforts he has been involved in politics working with Mayors and Governors to empower the lives of others by focusing on their abilities to make positive change in the world. All these experiences have brought Sean to this point of working on a full feature film called “My New Family”.

My New Family is a film he has been working on for three and a half years that will help bring people closer to God and understand why bad things happen by understanding the spiritual world that is all around them. This film is about a kid who is surrounded by her family’s demons of drugs, sexual abuse and total disrespect to God. If you are down or in turmoil near evil there is hope because God is willing to send His angels to fight for your soul. And fight your demons. This film is set up to uplift those who have been put down and cannot get up, but if they ask God for help they can do anything. Not only this film is coming. Sean has worked with other people to produce positive songs to help people. Sean has started to work with a young lady by the name of Layette Jones on a song called Going to Get Better. This song focuses on praying to God for help. Sean worked on the video and Layette wrote the song to help people who have been down or out. This song will be a part of the Amrak film sound track “My New Family”.

Sean’s goal is to bring the world together by focusing on our similarities rather than our differences. He will keep working to save and change lives to help people be better through entertainment. Sean’s goal is to have people use their talent for good rather than evil. Sean will continue to help people as long as they help others and keep working on themselves to be better. Jesus teaches us to be better and do better and come to Him as we are and those are the same principles Sean follows with Amrak. People from all walks of life are welcome to join. Amrak uses social media, TV, and radio as tools to bring people up. Please follow Amrak Sean Roberts on Facebook and on Instagram. Please like, share and donate at, so you can help them save and change as many lives as possible. Today we are being faced by the evil in the world in which we need positive warriors to help people get closer to God and follow Jesus. Sean has been empowered by his struggles and says anything is possible and he doesn’t believe in the victim mentality. Coming from a single mother, witnessing domestic violence and coming from the inner city, he took his experiences to go to prep school, private college, become a teacher, write curriculums for New York City School system and become the founder, producer, writer and director for Amrak, and accomplish so much on TV, radio and magazines. All credit goes to GOD. Sean wants everyone to be the best version of themselves.