Around Town & Back Again @ Dream City Only Thursday Night Vibe With Tyesha Williams  


ORLANDO – Dream City is where Tyesha Williams changes lives, giving attitude, building up low self-esteem, lifting up moral and offering opportunities to jump start someone’s career. As a musician, vocalist, audio & video, technician, host, poet, comedian and producer, Ms. Tyesha Williams is Central Florida’s most well-known singer, host and actress. Ms. Tyesha Williams had taken being a host to a whole new level. She has changed the game with her positive attitude and critical thinking about what the people want. On this night out and around town I dropped by “Dream City” to check out the lineup and I was not disappointment. I’m up in age now and when I step out with the family or my wife I look for an atmosphere that is like a small comedy theater and has a dinner room, live band, great food and a host of entertainment. On stage that night were some of Central Florida’s hottest performers which included Ms. Noelani Sinclair aka Noelly, Mr. Tony T., Jeremy Tutt and a host of others. The three piece band that plays there is just awesome. I’m not talking about what someone else said. I was there and saw and heard it for myself. One band, one sound. Before I forget everyone please help me wish “Mr. Tony T.” a happy birthday. “Mr. Tony T.” hit the stage for his birthday and performed one of Prince song’s. I think it was “Let’s Go Crazy” and he killed it. Support your local entertainers and they will support you back by giving all that they have. Hey this is Jimmie Drop D Williams. Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There