Around Town & Back Celebrating The Upcoming Of Our Anniversary


ORLANDO – By now everyone that reads what I write already knows I can’t hold water. I write about places I have been, things I like to do and my experiences. So while I was on social media I saw a picture of Ms. Pat from a television show my wife had me watching. I see that Ms. Pat is set to perform at the Orlando Improv. I said this would be great for both of us because I know my wife likes her some Ms. Pat, okay. I told my wife I was taking her somewhere special and she said ok! I was like yes, because I had already gotten the tickets. The evening of our date night I missed the turn to the entrance of the parking lot for Orlando Improv. I pulled out my phone to gps the address and that’s how she found out about Ms. Pat from the “Ms. Pat Show”. It was the bomb! She was everything I thought she would be. My wife had a great time. She laughed for a while. Our anniversary is coming up soon and we want to thank everyone in advance for praying for us. My wife and I watched the Ms. Pat television show for a while never even thinking that we would meet her this soon. You just don’t know what’s next. The smile on my wife’s face touched my heart. This was our around town and back moment. Hope to see you soon. Remember the Doctor said, “get some exercise.” We will see you around town! Don’t Meet Me There,  Beat Me There!