Behind Every Successful Man There Is An Invaluable Woman

“18 Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” – Genesis 2:18 ESV

(Left to Right) Lady Nordia P. Rose, Reverend Dr. Leroy Rose, III, Pastor


ORLANDO – This dynamic couple, The Reverend Dr. Leroy Rose, III and First Lady Nordia P. Rose, Lead Servants at the New Covenant Baptist Church of Orlando have both achieved long awaited goals.  University degrees were conferred on them both several days apart during this recent graduation season, Spring 2023.

First Lady, Nordia Patricia Rose, a native of Rio Bueno, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica which is between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios came to America in 1989 and settled in Baltimore, MD. In Jamaica, her mother, the late Yvonne Samuels worked several jobs to keep her six children and two other siblings by Nordia’s dad, the late Thomas Wiggins.  Her mother’s goal was to keep the children fed and clothed.  As a single parent, Ms. Samuels “was away a lot” and Nordia’s grandmother raised her until she was 12 almost 13 years old. While growing up in Trelawny, church was a steadfast value and she says, “Her love for the LORD began there.”  As Baltimore became home, Lady Nordia attended Garrison Middle School and Paul Laurence Dunbar High School. Nordia was brought to live with her aunt in Baltimore who made sure she was enrolled in school and that she attended a church. Her aunt told her “That she had to join her (the aunt’s) church, Christian Unity Temple, known as ‘The Cut’.” Nordia recalls that what’s funny about being dropped off at that church is that her aunt didn’t attend nor belong to any church”.

After High School, Nordia attended Catonsville Community College (CCBC) for one year. She says “that financial aid was an issue so she dropped out and went to work with the State Health Department.” In that job, she worked with “Apgar Scores” for data entry from test readings.

At “the Cut”, Nordia was involved in several ministries and sang with the choir where she met her husband, The Reverend Dr. Leroy Rose, III. When her family was called to New Covenant, Nordia says “she had a sense of shame because she was not degreed”. She enrolled in Valencia Community College and earned 20 college credits. Yet, again, she dropped out to raise her four children and to support her husband. Her children, especially her son, Jeremiah, were not too happy to have been displaced from all they had known and their large family support system in Baltimore. Lady Nordia had always been an introvert; she was pleasant but reticent and seemingly shy. Her demeanor, however, drew people to her and she soon became more and more active in the ministries at New Covenant. Quietly, Lady Nordia became an invaluable support to her husband and to the church. When their fifth child came, Nordia stepped out of shyness and into her own, with a new ‘extroverted’ personality. From the pulpit on one occasion, she told the congregation that she knew “God was pleased with her and that she was born to be the best Nordia Rose she could be as well as serve as partner and “First Lady” to New Covenant’s Church Family”.

In 2019, Lady Nordia accompanied her husband to “The Hampton University Minister’s Conference” in Hampton, VA. On a whim, Pastor Rose encouraged her to apply to the university. Although reluctant, she applied, was accepted along with her 20 credits from Valencia College that were applied toward her studies. Lady Nordia matriculated, graduating in 2023 with a Bachelor Degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Counseling. Now, feeling confident in God’s call on her life, Lady Nordia is enrolled in a Master’s program in Church Leadership at Regent University.

At New Covenant, First Lady Nordia, wears several hats to include Assistant to the Pastor, Director of Online Engagement, Deacon, Special Events Coordinator and sometimes, Caterer. Lady Rose says “I’ll do whatever it takes to support my husband, to be a great mother and role model to my children for this is what God has called me to do. I know that I was born to be a helpmeet to my Pastor and husband, Reverend Dr. Leroy, III, Lead Servant.”

Reverend Leroy Rose, III says that he is “Grateful, blessed beyond measure with family, ministry and… just life.”   He was born in Baltimore, MD, into the loving family of Sheila Rose, mother, (deceased) and father, Leroy Rose, Jr., and two sisters. Jr. he is the only son. He states “That he was born as a result of a malfunction in birth control; his mother did not believe in abortion. After my birth, “Sheila Rose” as he affectionally speaks of her became a committed Christian, Pastor Rose recollects; she committed herself to The Lord and dedicated her son (me) to God.” He goes on to say that his “Mom had a vision of a church with red doors. The church was less than two miles from her house. The church that she saw and (became a part) was Christian Unity Temple, known as ‘The Cut.’ I was always at the church.”  At The Cut, I was an usher, I sang on the choir and became the only child in the ‘Men’s Choir;’ I also served as Choir Director for all the church’s choirs. I was the janitor, Sunday School teacher, and a student.  I loved the God and I loved church.” Pastor Rose met Nordia at “The Cut” and she soon became his love. At age 16, Leroy Rose preached his initial sermon.

Pastor Rose attended Baltimore’s public school system and graduated from the acclaimed Baltimore Polytechnic Institute’s high school A-course. He bleeds “blue and orange” the school’s colors. Although, academically prepared, he did not want to go to college. But his mother’s ultimatum was “College or the Military.” In 1995, he enrolled and matriculated at Virginia Union University. In the meantime, Pastor Rose, at age 19, married Nordia.  His mother passed in January 1999 and did not get the chance to see her son graduate college.  He graduated, June 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in physics and computer science. Although his mother could not be there, physically, he felt she was there with him. Happily, his wife, Nordia and their oldest child, Jasmine was there to celebrate with him.

Rev. Rose started his teaching career in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. He was also working on a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree. He states “that I was move by The Holy Spirit to stop this master’s work. He did and returned to Virginia Union University. Before he knew, he would be accepted, he moved to Richmond, VA with his family in tow.  His prayers were answered and he enrolled.

Pastor Rose recounts the many blessings that helped him during those times. Almost immediately with this change in their lives, they learned that baby #2, Jeremiah, was on the way. As it would be, a young couple, and no health insurance loomed before them. At any rate, Nordia needed pre-natal care; they found an ob-gyn physician. The doctor agreed to serve them and after hearing their story, told them that “He would take care of the Pre-Natal and Healthcare fees.” Rev. Rose reminiscent of those times, said “You must approach the door.” Miracle after miracle happened after the first step was taken. The Lord blesses us to be a blessing to somebody else.

At the end of Seminary, unsure of where he was headed, he knew the Lord would send him where he was supposed to be. Dean John Kinney took two students under his wing, Leroy Rose and Courtney Young. Pastor Rose had served as a youth minister, and thought his youth ministry days were over; but he was led to the New Covenant Baptist Church. Miracle after miracle happened and he became the youth minister at “The Covenant.”

Pastor Rose had started doctoral work three (3) times. Initially at Palmer Theological Seminary in Philadelphia; he stopped “just because.” Secondly, He enrolled at South University in Orlando; stopped again believing that South University was not a fit for him. In 2019, Pastor Rose applied and was accepted at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. He was placed in a new cohort with two mentors. Preaching and Leadership became his concentration. He had finally found his niche and settled in to study. His dissertation, a case study, focused on: “Addressing Unhealthy Help Through Pastoral Preachings’ Impact on Grieving Congregants.” His research question, “How a Pastor’s Preaching will impact death, dying and grief” His main goal is to help people avoid the mishandling of others who are grieving. In other words, what do you say to a grieving person and what do you do?  At the same time, 2019, the beginning of COVID when churches were forced to shut down, Pastor Rose and his NCBC Leadership Team initiated the “Daily Dose of Devotion,” a nightly 15-minute telephone conference call that has lasted for the past three years. The teachings and study have encompassed bible based life applications taking the participants through the Old and New Testaments, including Psalms and Proverbs with a microscopic view of line and verse.

The Reverend Dr. Leroy Rose, III earned his Doctorate of Ministry in May, 2023. In mid-June, along with Lady Rose, the two of them developed and operated a five week “Summer Internship Program” (SIP) for youth at New Covenant. The eight (8) participants learned the internal operations of the church; the meaning, goals, and objectives of the 23 plus ministries and affiliates of the Church. These young people were afforded the opportunity to visit members who were sick, resting and recovering. They also visited nursing homes and other ancillary services that are pertinent in the overall operations of the church that far expand beyond Sunday Worship Service.  Integral to the program was to teach our young: (a) how to work; (b) the importance of work and (c) character development. Each participant received a weekly stipend.

This dynamic pair, on the battlefield for The Lord, have a plethora of ideas for working in God’s Kingdom.  The Roses are parents of five (5) children, Jasmine, Jeremiah, Janae, Joy, and Jaya. Each of these young people is also laboring for Christ.  The Roses are an commendable example of a God-centered family.

Sunday, August 27,2023 will mark a 30-year anniversary of preaching for Reverend Dr. Rose. Come out to New Covenant Baptist Church this Sunday to help celebrate Rev. Dr. Rose as he honors God’s call on his life. Sunday, August 27, 2023 – 9:30 a.m. at New Covenant Baptist Church of Orlando 2210 S. Rio Grande Avenue, Orlando, FL 32805    407-425-3001