Black Democratic Caucus Of Florida President Opposes DeSantis’s Policy Banning Teaching African American Studies Advanced Placement Course In Schools


Trevor Mallory, President of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida (DBCF), condemned Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent decision to ban teaching an African American Studies Advanced Placement class in high schools in Florida, saying the “class violates state law and that it is historically inaccurate.”

“The history of America,” said President Mallory, “should not be taught selectively where only the positive moments of our country’s growth are highlighted as it seems Governor DeSantis wants to do. The Black struggle in America is an important part of the history of our country and it should be duly represented and told to all children.”

“Parents, send our children to school to learn. For the most part, I believe Florida’s teachers are educating our children with facts and aren’t indoctrinating or influencing our children how to feel about a certain part of America’s history.  However, teachers, must be allowed to teach without worrying about what to teach and how to teach a certain topic of history,” reiterated President Mallory, who represents 27 DBCF local county chapters,

The African American Advanced Placement Studies course “explores the experiences and contributions of African Americans through various lenses, from the African Diaspora to the Civil Rights movement and beyond,” President Mallory stated. “It amazes me how Governor DeSantis, a possible contender for president in 2024, has been putting pressure on cultural issues to appeal to conservatives, while knowing that Florida law requires Black History be taught in its schools.”

President Mallory said, “Today, it’s the history of African Americans that some conservatives and some Republicans want to control how it’s taught, who knows what part of history is next. Floridians will not stand by while Governor DeSantis’ administration tries to steamroll unfair practices and policies in our state.”

“We will fight and we will win!” concluded President Mallory.