Capoeira, An Afro-Brazilian Martial Art, Comes To Leesburg


LEESBURG – California’s Mestre George Palmares presented students with a free Afro-Brazilian Capoeira workshop. Capoeira is a martial art form that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, spirituality and music. Children and adult students from Leesburg’s and Mt Dora’s Capoeira classes attended Mestre Palmares Saturday, March 4, 2023 at the Lake Square Mall in Leesburg, Florida.

Mestre Palmares asked the class about basic daily functions. “Do you make your bed in the morning? Do you do your homework? Do you listen and respect adults?”  He told the students to repeat Focus, Respect, and Discipline (FRD).

Mestre Palmares had the students sit in a circle, as he played the Berimbau, the main musical instrument in Capoeira, and other team leaders played instruments.   Then two students at a time, came to him, crouched down, shook hands and practiced their Capoeira moves.

Classes in Lake County are taught by Mestre Tite, the music teacher for Treadway Elementary School. Classes are held at Lake Square Mall on Monday 6:15-7pm and Wednesday 4-7 pm. Classes are also held at the Center for the Arts in Mt. Dora on Tuesday 5-7 pm and Thursday 5-8 pm.

Please call 407-417-0712 after 4 pm, or email [email protected] for more information.