Capoeira Graduation Inspires Community


LEESBURG – The Capoeira Program held its graduation ceremony, which is officially called the Batizado, May 27th, 2023 at Lake Square Mall in Leesburg.

More than 40 students consisting of youth, adults, and autistic students received belts representing different levels of achievement in the dance fighting sport. Capoeira, which originated among Brazilian slaves, is a martial arts form which uses physical discipline and body movement.

Contramestres, teachers of Capoeira, from all over the country conducted youth and adult workshops at Lake Square Mall during the week prior to graduation.

Capoeira classes were taught by Mr. Edwin Anderson, a Lake County teacher.  The majority of student graduates were beginners. They received green belts.

“The Mestres and Contramestres were very impressed with your skills, your love of Capoeira, and the acts that you showed at the Batizado,” Mr. Anderson informed his graduates.