Christian Worship Center Dedicates New Computer Lab

Kenneth Polsinelli, Peacock Capital


LEESBURG – Youth and adults who do not have access to a laptop computer will now be able to sign up for computer use at Christian Worship Center’s (CWC) new Computer Lab, where 10 brand new Lenovo desktop computers and keyboards will be available for their use thanks to a partnership between Christian Worship Center and Peacock Capital, a “forward thinking real estate investment and advisory firm focused on acquiring, renovating, building, and operating neighborhood multifamily properties in Central Florida.”

The new computers were installed Tuesday at CWC’s Leesburg Campus at 1414 West Main Street. John Christian, Senior Pastor of CWC, officiated over the Dedication Ceremony Wednesday, March 22, 2023 while Kenneth Polsinelli, managing partner at Peacock Capital, Mina Robinson, a consultant, Mike Pederson, Leesburg, City Commissioner, Nathaniel Sanders, Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, other civic and community leaders looked on with agreement for the positive investment for residents of the Leesburg community.

The partnership between CWC and Peacock Capital is nothing but a plus for our community, and the community has already benefited with the installation of 10 new computers with keyboards, said Pastor Christian. “There are many residents that do not have computer access when they have to apply for jobs, housing, or have to complete school assignments. Now, they can come to our church, CWC, and get that access.”

“Peacock Capital is more than a company that provides multi housing.  It is a housing provider that understands that more is needed than a housing investment. It also invests in the people who will live in the communities where they build houses, providing tools for learning and advancement of an individual’s skills for self-sufficiency is a win-win investment in people,” emphasized Pastor Christian.

Kenneth Polsinelli of Peacock Capital, commenting on the company’s donation of the new computers to CWC’s Computer Lab, said, “I hope they (youth and adults) advance their learning and come to see that there’s opportunity no matter who you are.  Everybody should have an opportunity, that’s what makes life worth living.”

Mina Robinson, called the “Star of the Show” by Polsinelli because she was responsible for bringing Peacock Capital and CWC together, said Peacock Capital is very in tune with the community.  Housing providers just don’t come in and leave. Peacock Capital likes to build and stay; they invest in the community and this is why they don’t mind giving to the community.”

“It’s awesome! First Lady and Co-Pastor of CWC Constance Christian remarked. “I know the possibilities that can come out of this computer lab. We don’t know what the future holds. But for the mere fact that those who cannot afford computers can come to CWC’s Computer Lab and get what they need.”

CWC congregation member Eula Donaldson said, “I think it’s awesome.  I think adults can use it, too.”

Nathaniel Sanders Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity’s Leesburg Chapter, and commissioner of Planning and Zone, revealed that his fraternity will definitely find a way to take advantage of the new computer lab.