Christian Worship Center Sponsors 80’s Skate Party At Leesburg’s Skate World


LEESBURG – It was a blast from the past, and a whole lot of fun when Christian Worship Center’s congregation held their preliminary Pastor Appreciation celebration’s event with an 80’s Skate Party Sunday evening, September 17, 2023 from 6 to 8 pm at Skate World on Palmetto Street in Leesburg, Florida 34748.

Congregants wore wigs, brightly colored sunglasses, big fake gold chains with a money sign, Puma sneakers, shorts and funny colored sneakers, all 80’s attire, while they tried to skate but kept falling, and falling, and falling. One congregant, Gerald Grant, who said he hadn’t roller skated in over thirty years, even brake danced, and to the surprised of many, he was fantastic.

Adults and CWC’s youth, really enjoyed themselves with the various activities they were able to get involved in including races, best costumes, and just falling and falling. Many, like the writer of this article, knew our limits and sat on the sidelines and watched, and laughed, and laughed.  One CWC member said, “I rented skates, put them on and took a picture, and immediately returned them.” “Smart move,” another CWC member commented.

“It was good, amazing and fun, and everything was free”, said 12-year-old Zahir, who seemed to fall more than he actually stood up and skated.

“It was a great time for fellowship and fun in a different environment,” said CWC’s Senior Pastor John Christian, who did put on skates.

Many times, adults and youth changed their skate size, thinking that would stop them from falling and falling. It didn’t.

Overall, it was a great night of Christian fun and fellowship, and Skate World employees were great hosts for the event.

“I had more sense to keep my shoes and feet on the floor”, said Ms. Georgette, who refused to skate but enjoyed those who took the dare and went out there and skated like the brave Felton’s.  “God Bless them,” she concluded.