Christian Worship Center Youth Choir Engages Congregation With Song And Dance

CWC Youth Choir


LEESBURG – The Christian Worship Center Church of God in Christ (CWC) Youth choir, dressed in their African attire, performed to “Your Love Is All Around” by honored South African musician Israel Houghton at its African American celebration held on Sunday, February 18, 2024.

While keeping the beat with their feet and hand movements, the children sang and danced to the glory of God, impressing their parents, siblings, family members, and all who attended. They looked so cute as the littlest child turned and watched the older kids danced then mimicked their movements.

“Look at the gifts God has given to our youth,” said CWC Senior Pastor John Christian. “This was an amazing enhancement of our morning worship service by our youth.”

Co-Pastor Constance Christian really enjoyed the youth choir. “The children did so well. It was good watching the girls and boys singing and dancing in sync. I specifically liked the African dance, the culture and the traditional African dress, which I felt accentuated the program for Black History Month.”