Christian Worship Center Youth Ministry Offers Educational Programs, Fun Activities


LEESBURG – The future leaders of Christian Worship Center (CWC), the Lake County community, and, possibly the world, are on the right path at CWC, using their talents to serve God in the church’s youth ministry’s choir program Sunday, October 22, 2023.

The coed group of preschool, daycare, and elementary school students attired in purple T-shirts with black and white lettering looked and sounded like little angelic beings on the CWC’s Leesburg Campus stage at 1414 Main Street, Leesburg, Florida.

Nine-year-old Brett Isom began the program, reading Old Testament Scripture Psalms 8:1. Then the little people choir took the program to another level with their rendition of “How Wonderful Is Thy Name”. Of course, the youth were received with an inspiring approval from the congregation, composed of their parents, siblings, and their supportive grandparents, shouting “sing baby.”

Under the leadership of Sister Nakia Myles, the CWC Youth Ministry also provides an after school program which offers tutoring services, an annual Holy Night program for Halloween, services for teenagers and more. “We focus on meeting the needs of our community’s youth spiritually, emotionally, and physically, encouraging them to be productive in all areas of their lives,” said Youth Director Nakia Myles.  “I am very fortunate to have a dedicated and skilled volunteer staff with Sheneka Dopson, Czenobia Christian, and Dr. Rutledge, and Deacon Stevenson, our educators, who oversee the academic segment of our youth ministry.  The youth ministry choir meets on Tuesday at 5 pm, and tutoring services are held on Wednesday at 5 pm.

Youth interested in becoming a member of the youth ministry, or taking advantage of the tutoring services, should just show-up on Tuesday or Wednesday at the appropriate time.