City Of Orlando Commissioner Bakari F. Burns District 6 And Jimmie Williams Presented The Jimmie Williams 4th Annual Gospel Explosion Jump For Joy Celebration 


ORLANDO – After the event was over my wife looked at me and said, “Mr. Jimmie Williams you have to do this event more often.” Well I know my position, so I said yes dear. Now I always put God first when I host events, but this event was just about my Lord and savior. Ms. Constance Brown of the Central Florida Black Nurses Association took the stage to talk about some of the things that we have done together in the Parramore Community during the pandemic. As a result of participating in community events with my wife Diann Williams and I, Mr. Jimmie Williams the CFBNA was able to help over 3000 residents. She stated, “Because Mr. Williams had us and the residents following the CDC Guidelines while he and his wife provided full dinners, back to school supplies etc….. with about ten events.”
I know you’re asking yourselves when did the first “Jimmie Williams Gospel Explosion” take place? The first Gospel Explosion Jump for Joy event took place back in 2012 at the Wells Built Museum on South Street in  Downtown Orlando. Located inside the Wells Built Museum upstairs inside a broom closet was “The TJWS Radio Network” where myself, Jimmie Williams broadcasted live every Sunday “The Jimmie Williams Gospel Explosion.” At the same time the Jimmie Williams Gospel Explosion was also being broadcasted on the hottest and oldest Gospel radio station in Central Florida, WOKB 1680. My wife Diann Williams and I have hosted the Gospel Explosion at Palmer Feed Store and Grand Avenue Park. This year’s Gospel Explosion was held at the new Holden Heights Neighborhood Community Center inside of the theater. This will be many more to come of this event. We’re already preparing for next Gospel Explosion. My wife and I would like to give a special thanks to everyone that made this great event happen. Thanks to Ms. Tiffany Davis, Ms. Mercy J, DJ Fred, Sandon Baker, Kevin T. Collins, Alvin Bell, Curtis Branson, CEO Woodard, Minister Praisez, Apostle JL Cash, Shonda Seawright, Constance Brown and Ms. Jackie Odei. We thank God for our sponsors beginning with The Orlando Times newspaper, The Breakfast Corner, Al’s Food Store, New Image Youth Center, Stadium Stylz Cutz, Windom Solutions and my City of Orlando Commissioner Bakari F. Burns District 6. Oh it was a celebration, because we all had dinner, music and fun all in one evening. Celebrating our Lord and Savior, giving Him the glory and praise. Thanking Him for everything that’s good. Amen! Thanks to the staff at Holden Heights community center for taking good care of us at The Jimmie Williams Gospel Explosion Jump for Joy Celebration.