Cleveland Payne US Army Graduate, It’s An Experience And An Adventure

Cleveland Payne


ORLANDO – I, Jimmie Williams, am the grandfather of Mr. Cleveland Payne who just graduated from the U.S. Army Ft. Jackson, SC. I truly now know how mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins feel when something like this happens. I always wondered what it feels like to have someone enter the military. I’m proud of all my family members but my grandson is the first of my offspring’s to join the U.S. Army. I talked with him after the graduation ceremony and he is very confident in his decision of joining the United States military forces.  Seeing my grandson, Cleveland Payne in uniform just filled my heart with joy. Mr. Cleveland Payne told me that he will now feel safer knowing that he is part of the United States military forces that protects his family and friends. What my grandson doesn’t know is that we feel safer now that he is there.  Cleveland Payne aka “CIP” said, “Granddaddy I have so many different career opportunities and I’m ready to get started.” He also said that he get to see the world and serve his country well by getting a better education. I told my grandson that he was in a win/win situation and to get that better education all while being able to travel the world.  On behalf of the Williams family and friends I would like to thank you for your service by serving in the United States Military Armed Forces. My daughter, Twentity Williams, is truly a national daughter’s Day daughter. She is such an amazing hard worker and mother to my grandkids and also an awesome daughter as well. “We are proud grandparents!”