Community Redevelopment Agency Presented Unity Heritage Festival, A Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration 


ORLANDO – I’m going to tell you a little bit about my good friend Ms. Brenda White. I met her somewhere around 1995 or 1996. At that time I was playing bass guitar with CL West Touch of Class Band. One night the band was on stage playing when Ms. White walked on stage with us and started singing. The crowd went crazy and I as well. I thought her performance was awesome. Ms. Brenda White said, “Giving thanks and PRAISE to my two background singers and friends, Tara Jones and Vikki Hartley-Thomas for always making my shows the best they can be.” One of her back ground singers Ms. Tara Jones replied by saying, “Thanks for having us, you could have chosen anyone else but you chose us. It was a pleasure.” Ms. Brenda White said, “My son, BLKBOK, who I thought was on tour, surprised me and came all the way from Hollywood to Orlando to my show and I surprised him and put him and on the keyboard and he showed OUT. Thanks Baby! Ma’ will never forget this day. Love you! Charlie Wilson I thank God every day for giving me my beautiful granddaughter Jadyn. Love you so much!! So, my home girl, Linda Hicks worked all day and drove nine hours after that, to be at my show in Orlando. I love you! We have a bond that will never be broken.” Tara Jones also said, “It was with great pleasure gracing the stage with these lovely ladies, Brenda White & Vickie Hartley-Thomas. So many memories and lots of fun, the band was amazing.” I did get the chance to watch Ms. Brenda White’s performance on social media for the Unity Heritage Festival, A Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Presented by City of Winter Park & Community Redevelopment Agency. “Ms. Brenda White and The White Boyz”