Criterion Civic Club Encourages Community Support For Theatre 1901 In Eustis, Florida


The Criterions Civic Club, a group of professional Black women, located in Lake County, Florida, showed their unwavering support for Black Theatre Sunday evening, October 29th, 2023, when Criterions, their friends, and family members purchased 25 tickets for the showing of “How I Got Over: Mahalia Jackson, a musical play.

The play was held at Theatre 1901 in Eustis, Florida. The theatre, recently renamed Theatre 1901 and purchased by Lavarious Slaughter, a Black man dedicated to producing the best theatrical and film productions possible.”

We finally have a very nice theatre venue in our own community where we can go to see Black produced theatre and film works, I encourage the Black Community to financially support Theatre 1901,” said Georgette P Ward, President of the Criterions. “The Criterions enjoyed tonight’s presentation of “How I Got Over.”  It was a wonderful production and very entertaining watching the artistic talents of our people.”

Criterion member Bettye Coney said, “The play was absolutely fantastic!”

Mae Hazelton, another member of the Criterions, said, “I had a good time and I am glad we went as a group.”

Criterions also encourages individuals to purchase tickets to see the play, “Marriage, The Musical”, written and produced by Tracie Bonnick, a Criterion.  The play will be presented at Theatre 1901 on Saturday, November 11, 2023 with showings at 2 and 6 pm.