Democratic Black Caucus Of Florida President Wants The U.S. Supreme Court To Vote In Favor Of President Biden’s Plan To Wipe Out Student’s Federal Loan Debt

Trevor Mallory


Trevor Mallory, President of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida, appeals to the United States Supreme Court’s conservative majority, requesting them to help the more than 26 million college students with their federal student debt by dismissing more than $400 billion because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our children are burdened with this enormous albatross of college debt, which is impeding them from living the American dream of a fruitful life after college graduation. The huge amount of money owed for attending college has many students reluctant to get married, start a family, and purchase a home,” remarked President Mallory, who represents Democratic Black Caucus chapters in 26 counties and almost 2 million African Americans.

“Yes, it’s the most expensive executive action our nation has ever undertaken. The reality is our Supreme Court justices must look deeper than the money, and take advantage of the opportunity to do something good and much needed for our children and their future”, President Mallory emphasized.

President Mallory said, “Some may ask how can we dismiss a loan for a college student’s education and not dismiss a loan for someone who borrows money to start a business?”  Answering, he said, “It’s a different situation with different circumstances.  We’re talking about a large group of individuals, who, if nothing is done about their student debt, will face almost insurmountable obstacles to trying to live a normal debt free life.”

We know the court’s conservative justices “invoked the major questions doctrine, suggesting that the administration had violated separation powers principles by acting without sufficiently explicit congressional authorization,” revealed President Mallory

Students dealing with federal student loan debt, President Biden’s backers supporting his plan to do away with $20,000 of federal student loans for 26 million students and the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida take the opposing view of Justice Elena Kagan, revealed President Mallory.

It focuses on a “2003 law, which allows the secretary of education to protect borrowers in the event of a national emergency, authorizing the administration to act,” President Mallory stated.

The court routinely considers “really confusing” statutes, Kagan said. “This one is not.”

“Our student loan debt issue,” President Mallory concluded, “is not red or blue; it’s green.  We must come together on this and do what’s right for these students, now!  Vote yes on President Biden’s plan.”