Dr. Belinda T. Cohen Installed As Pastor At True Temple CLG

Dr. Belinda T. Cohen


LAKE COUNTY – More than 200 family members, friends and Church of the Living God supporters representing Florida Atlantic Diocese, Florida Gulf Coast Diocese and Florida Gulf Diocese witnessed Dr. Belinda T. Cohen be officially elevated to Pastor of True Temple CLG at the Sacred Service of Pastoral Installation Sunday, October 9, 2022.

The highly spirited installation ceremony, conducted by Bishop Carolyn Hudson Glenn, Chief Celebrant and Presiding Prelate, for Dr. Cohn, former Pastor of Mt. Zion CLG in Tampa, Florida, was held at True Temple Church of the Living God at 10456 CR 100, Lady Lake, Florida 32162.

Pastor Cohen, who believes “we as a people need to learn how to share genuine love, not fake love with our people. People can feel fake love,” said she and her members are prepared to make the move from Tampa, Florida to Lady Lake, Florida. They have been holding worship service at True Temple CLG since September 18.

Love is an action word and Pastor Cohen’s strategy in building True Temple CLG revolves around the concept of love in action. “We are starting a congregation built on the Word, truth and love. People want to feel loved and people aren’t reaching out to others in love, said Dr. Cohen, a third generation pastor and retired educator and principal from Hillsborough County.

One of True Temple CLG’s first endeavors is to sponsor an outreach event on November 12, where food and clothing will be distributed, and members will interact with community residents, praying for them and be available to listen to the concerns of the community, just reaching out to them in love.

In conclusion, Dr. Cohen said she wants the “Holy Spirit to teach True Temple CLG members how to love in spite of.”

Bishop Glenn was the speaker and her discourse highlighted pastors being burned out.  She encouraged pastors to spread the church work among the members, to use their talents and skills to facilitate growth in the church.

Very impressed with Elder Belinda T Cohen, Estella Hilbert, District Presiding Elder of the Central Northwest District of the Florida Atlantic Diocese, said Elder Cohen is really very humble, patient, faithful, Holy Ghost filled and she didn’t mind taking on the task and running into a new beginning.”

Commenting on Bishop Glenn’s message, Elder Hilbert said, “You talking about an anointed service ordained by God at a time such as this.  Bishop Glenn preached the Word on that Sunday, telling pastors you can’t do it all by yourself because you will get burned out.”

Elder Dr. Shelia Y. Smalley, the moderator, allowed the audience to worship and praise God in high fashion and it was “high mass” a term used in the catholic church.

Elder George W. Ward from Emmanuel CLG in Ormond Beach, Florida, said the installation service “was high energy and celebratory because many people haven’t been gathering since the pandemic.”

People really were able to see individuals they may not have seen since the pandemic because the service was packed and people were sitting outside the church on the grass listening to the extraordinary installation service.