Eatonville Proposal Ranks Top 3 For Florida Museum Of Black History

EATONVILLE – The Town of Eatonville proudly announces its proposal as one of the top contenders for the new Florida Museum of Black History, ranking second among eight prospective locations. This milestone underscores the community’s significant historical contribution and potential to host this important cultural institution.

The Task Force will conduct a meeting on Friday, April 19, in Tallahassee from 9 AM to 1 PM, to discuss details and answer questions regarding each proposal.

Mayor Angie Gardner expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Through partnerships, the Town of Eatonville not only has secured the land and a comprehensive plan to build the Florida Black History Museum, but we also carry forward our enduring legacy of embracing those who, once enslaved, came here to thrive. Today, we extend that same warm welcome globally, inviting all to explore the deep connections between our community’s values and our rich history—a history that positions Eatonville as the fitting home for this museum. We are excited to create an everlasting experience for visitors worldwide and to welcome them into the heart of our community.”

Chief Administrative Officer Demetris Pressley also commented, “Securing a top position in this competitive selection process highlights the strength of Eatonville’s unique qualifications as a historical hub.”

Top 3 Ranking Overview:

1st: St. Johns County

2nd: Eatonville/Orange County

3rd: Sarasota

Eatonville’s impressive ranking in the evaluation process is a testament to its significance in the narrative of African American history and the community’s ongoing dedication to cultural education and preservation. The town looks forward to further discussions with the Task Force and is looking forward to potentially welcoming the Florida Museum of Black History as a new cornerstone of the community.

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