Elsie Broomfield, Queen Of Eustis, Celebrates 100th Birthday

Elsie Broomfield poses with sons Keith and Kenneth and daughter Beverly. 


EUSTIS – “I am truly grateful to have a mother, who is 100 years’ old who knows who I am and she can call my name and remind me of things” said Keith Broomfield.

Carla Mitchell, one of the oldest of Ms. Broomfield students, remembers how “Ms. Broomfield was always a lady and expected us to be ladylike and act right.”

Cassandra Hicks said, “She a beautiful person inside and out. I’ve grown to love her like my grandmother.”

“I love you with all my heart. You were a bright spot at the school”, stated Eustis Mayor Michael Holland just before he declared December 22, 2023 Elsie Broomfield Day.

According to Thomas Poole, “The proverbial writer had Aunt Elsie in mind when he wrote about the virtuous woman in the Bible.”

“Ms. Broomfield had a caring personality and she impacted my life by teaching me positive values, learning how to be respectful and kind. She knew my whole family and it was a privilege to have been one of her students”, said Lewis Thurston, one of the classmates who spearheaded having Eustis Vocational High School name its culinary center after her in June 2022.

“She’s one special, special, special person.  Enjoy yourself and have a conversation with my mother,” encouraged Ms. Broomfield’s son.

Everyone is these heartfelt expressions, describing Ms. Elsie Broomfield, officially proclaimed the Queen of Eustis, and now the beloved centenarian of the Broomfield family and the Eustis African American community, were made by individuals Ms. Broomfield aka Ms. B had helped affect their lives in a positive manner.

The well-attended Centennial Celebration for Elsie Broomfield was a memorable evening of genuine love and appreciation for a petite lady with a smile that emanated a very warm and receptive personality that engaged and immediately made everyone feel at ease.

Held at the Leesburg Venetian Center on Dozier Circle, Saturday, December 16, 2023, the event attracted former Floridians who moved to other states and other counties in Florida. Despite the rain storm, more than 200 came to share this once in a lifetime event with the ever graceful and lovely Ms. Elsie Broomfield.

It was Ms. Elsie’s night, her moment to bask in the love and appreciation that her family, friends and many former students and their parents whom she had taught cooking, sewing, table manners and more. It was a genuine expression of gratitude and respect for Elsie Broomfield.

Ms. Elsie’s reaction when her sons escorted her into the room and she saw all the people, all the family members, all the friends, and so many of her former students was picturesque, an unforgettable moment.

“It was full of people.  People I haven’t seen in years.  I wanted to cry from joy; it was just overwhelming,” said an emotional Ms. Elsie.

Obedient and keeper of God’s commandments, the faithful Elsie Broomfield, who also taught Sunday School at the St. James AME church in Eustis, doesn’t discount God’s hand in her longevity, in her living a fulfilled life.  “I try to be obedient to God’s Word all the time. If you are obedient to God, you are blessed more than you would ever know.”

“I never dreamed I would have so many friends, who I heard wonderful comments from,” Ms. Elsie emphasized. “Tonight was the best thing in my whole life.  It was just a blessing.”

Ms. Elsie was recognized with a host of proclamations from the Cities of Eustis and Leesburg, NAACP, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and commendations from others.

Commenting on the Centennial Celebration, Beverly Broomfield, Ms. Broomfield’s daughter, said, “It was so touching hearing people at the celebration talk about the impact she’s had on them and how much they love her. I feel very blessed to have my mother still with me. There’s so much more that I still need to learn from her.”

“It was a wonderful, great event.  I commend her daughter Beverly. The number of people that attended is testimony to how we felt about Ms. Broomfield,” stated Lewis Thurston.