Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Guide Right Program Graduates Twelve Male Youth


LEESBURG – The Emotional advancement and guidance toward making better decisions in life and graduation were celebrated by twelve middle and high school male youth after they completed a program with mentors from the Kappa Alfa Psi Fraternity’s Leesburg, Florida Alumni Chapter, Inc. May 11, 2024.

Held at the Leesburg Resource Center, parents, grandparents, siblings, and other supporters attended the Kappa’s Guide Right program that recognized their sons, grandsons, and siblings for their efforts to improve in school and at home, and in their general lives. Program participants attended monthly on Saturdays where they discussed how to make better and positive decisions, where and how to seek resources to accomplish things they need to be successful, and went on field trips to corporations to learn about that corporation’s missions and possible careers for their future.

“The Kappa Youth Leadership & Development League is a program designed to aid young men grow and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor.  This national initiative commonly referred to as “Kappa League,” is a program for the educational, occupational and social guidance of male students in grades 6th-12th”.

However, the reality of the Kappa Guide Right program is that its mentors with constant contact with their mentees “assisted parents in the handling of their children by giving them opportunity to talk over their problems with those who know and are successful in their chosen vocations. And it afforded youth a respite from the drudgery of the street, through sponsored entertainment and culture enriched endeavors.”

“This year was one of our better preforming years with some very intelligent kids who are reaching for some great occupations, like linguists, engineers, architects, law enforcement officers and politicians”, said Kappa mentor Darryl Robinson.  “To have the first kid to graduate from the program will hopefully bring a light of encouragement for other young men to take part in the program.”

Some Kappa Leaguers were recognized for progress in various areas. Those who received special recognition were Dominyen Robertson received the Progress Award, Jamahr Williams received the Athlete of the year Award, and Isaac Mitchell received the Academic Achievement Award.

“The program really helped my grandson. He’s been showing signs of improvement in school. He will return,” said Georgette Ward

Kappa Leaguer Names 2024: Caleb Mackey (President), Alexander Rivera (Vice President), Isaac Mitchell Jr. (Secretary), Jamahr Williams (Treasurer), Jace Harris, Dominyen Robertson, Ryan Mitchell, Jaden Dyous, Zahir Ward, Zayden Gardner, Gabriel Tetrault, and Christian Gaillard (Sergeant At Arms).