Kids Of Distinction (KOD) Learning Centers’ Students Raise Almost $5000 From First Fairy Tale Prom Night, Graduation Ceremony


LEESBURG – Christian Worship Center’s (CWC) Kids of Distinction (KOD) childcare students, ages 2 to 6 years old, celebrated a memorable Fairy Tale Prom Night and graduation ceremony, and raised more than $4700.00.  The formal event and fundraiser were a first for KOD five learning centers, held Friday evening, May 24, 2024 at Venetian Center at One Dozier Circle in Leesburg, Florida.

It was an evening for the stars. Sporting tuxedos, the boys looked handsome and confident. The girls, attired in beautiful gowns, some with trains, were poised and attractive. Arriving at Venetian Center in a limousine, the young stars walked on a red carpet, specifically prepared just for them. It was the beginning of an indelible experience for the graduates, as well as their Moms and Dads.

With facial gestures of smiles and tears and verbal shout outs of joy, it was obvious parents enjoyed watching their babies, who weren’t wearing flip flops, sneakers, shorts and t-shirts, but were decked out in beautiful gowns and suits, and shoes and shirts with ties, and looking every bit like accomplished young people.

Parents, as well as their children, probably had the time of their lives, and will forever cherish this memorable and first formal night that included a prom and graduation for their babies who haven’t even been in kindergarten yet.

Four –year-old August Cairo Hart’s Mom, Kendria Williams, had high praise for the Fairy Tale Prom Night.  “What impressed me most was the thought placed into both events,” a well-pleased Ms. Williams, remarked.

“Extremely organized. Age appropriate themes and watching the joy on my girls’ faces as they were not only able to have fun with their friends, but also enjoy the Disney characters at the prom and the presentation through memorabilia of the graduates on graduation night,” concluded Ms. Williams.

The night’s activities included each child’s bio being announced, which described the child’s favorite color, food, persons and what they wanted to be. Parents took pictures with their children on a movable photo booth; ate tasty finger foods, meatballs, pig in a blanket, chicken wings, and chips; and a table of treats with cupcakes, candy apples, cookies, and an unlimited supply of Capri Suns juice packets were also provided.

Wow! What a night of blissful fun.

The almost $5,000.00 dollars students raised from the Fairy Tale Prom enhanced the occasion.  The Prom Court consisted of top student fundraisers.  They were Princess Elly Thompson; Prince Timothy Jarrett; Princess Kyrihanna George; Prince Aiden McGew Baker; Princess Kalayah Rawlings; Princess August Hart; and Prince Kyrie Holton.

The idea for a prom night and graduation ceremony for childcare centers was the brainchild of Kids of Distinction (KOD) Childcare Center East Director Chelcia White. All center directors liked the prom idea and agreed to work together and they magnificently pulled it off.

“I was so excited,” said Nakia Myles, Director of KOD Learning Center West. “It was such a labor of love to do this for our children, and to see the expressions on our parents’ and their children’s faces were unbelievable. I am sure our children’s self-esteem was at the roof.”

“The Fairy Tale Prom Night and the graduation were an unforgettable moment for our children, our parents, and of course our KOD staff, who put their hearts and souls into this endeavor and made the wonderful night happen,” continued Ms. Nakia Myles, who was elated with the results of the evening’s event

“The KOD Fairytale Prom was an evening to remember.  Seeing the children dressed so beautifully taking pictures in the limousine provided by Rocker Cusack and seeing the children and their parents dancing to the music played by DJ Shakeback was simply amazing,” said CWC Assistant Pastor Constance Christian. “The food was delicious, and the themed Fairytale decor with the Disney characters was a nice magical touch.  I couldn’t be more proud of the fine job of creating and planning by the KOD 5 Directors and staff”.

“The decorations for both events were absolutely beautiful and you can tell everyone went above and beyond to make everlasting memories for both events,” said Tennise Mitchell, mother of  Kynnedi Moton.

The Fairy Tale Prom Night not only boosted esteem in the children, but it inspired parents as well. “With graduation I enjoyed seeing what was poured into my baby throughout the school year,” a very content Ms. Mitchell stated. “My favorite part of the prom was that every child involved in prom court left feeling like a winner even if they didn’t place first! Prom actually inspired me to look into pageants for Kynnedi! She loved dressing up!”

KOD Childcare Center directors are Davetta Poitier-Kelly, Nakia Myles, Ashley Roundtree, Kay Tyndell, and Chelcia White.