Kissimmee Fire Department Unveils Driving Simulator

KISSIMMEE – The City of Kissimmee Fire Department proudly announces the acquisition of the state-of-the-art Sim-Tech Fire Vehicle Training Simulator, marking a significant leap forward in fire apparatus simulation technology. This innovative addition underscores the department’s unwavering commitment to ensuring top-tier training for its personnel, thereby fortifying community safety and enhancing operational readiness.

Designed by Sim-Tech, a leading provider of simulation solutions, the new driving simulator empowers Kissimmee firefighters with immersive training experiences tailored to a diverse array of emergency scenarios. Boasting a full dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals mirroring those of actual fire apparatus, along with five separate screens for comprehensive field simulation, the simulator provides an unparalleled training environment.

Featuring over 225 pre-designed Fire/EMS training scenarios that can be fully customized to simulate various environmental conditions such as rain, fog, day, or night, the simulator equips firefighters with the skills and confidence needed to navigate complex emergency situations effectively.

Fire Chief Jim Walls of the Kissimmee Fire Department expressed his enthusiasm for the new addition, stating, “Kissimmee Fire Department is always looking at innovative ways to enhance the training and safety of our Firefighters. This driving simulator is a key part of our strategy to keep our community and staff safe and prepared.”

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