Kissimmee Fire Station 12 Honored By HCA Florida Osceola Hospital

KISSIMMEE – City of Kissimmee Fire Station 12 has been honored by HCA Florida Osceola Hospital for their exemplary response to a critical medical emergency. In a ceremony, staff from HCA Florida Osceola Hospital presented challenge coins, certificates, and a plaque to the crew of Kissimmee Fire Station 12 in recognition of their exceptional performance in delivering life-saving care.

The recognition stems from a recent incident where the crew of Kissimmee Fire Station 12 demonstrated remarkable professionalism and skill in their response to a patient experiencing a stroke. Initially called for back pain and dry mouth, the crew quickly recognized signs of a stroke upon meeting the patient.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, the crew wasted no time in preparing the patient for transport to HCA Florida Osceola Hospital, where specialized stroke care awaited. Thanks to their quick thinking and expertise, the patient received the critical medical interventions necessary to mitigate the effects of the stroke.

Reflecting on the incident, Kissimmee Fire Chief James Walls expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the importance of continuous training and preparedness. “Every member of our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our community and to the regular training regimen that keeps us prepared for any situation. This recognition serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and dedication to saving lives.” says Chief Walls.

At HCA Florida Osceola Hospital, the patient received swift and comprehensive medical care tailored to their needs. They were discharged after just five days with no lasting effects of the stroke and reunited with their family.

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