Knicholas Boston And Peg Nonez Elected As Mr. And Ms. FAMU College Of Law 

Mr. and Ms. FAMU College of Law
Knicholas Boston
Peg Nonez

ORLANDO – The Student Bar Association at Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law announced Knicholas Boston and Peg Nonez as the 2023/2024 Mr. and Ms. FAMU College of Law.

As a child, Boston had high ambitions. When a teacher asked the class to stand and say what they wanted to be when they grew up, Boston said his answer was always loud and clear. He told everyone he wanted to be president of the United States when he grew up. His road to greatness led him to the FAMU College of Law. Thanks to overwhelming support from his peers, Boston is serving as Mr. FAMU College of Law.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be voted as the male representative for FAMU Law,” said first-year law student Boston. “I’m looking forward to serving our community and making a difference.”

The West Palm Beach native says he wants to be a lawyer to influence the world and help the Black community. “Through the law, I want to help our people be paid, respected, and educated. Along with being an attorney, I also want to be a professor one day as well as a political representative.”

Ms. FAMU College of Law, Nonez, says she is eager to serve as the college’s ambassador and plans to represent with poise and grace. The second-year law student from West Palm Beach looks forward to a career in the legal profession and is glad to be at FAMU Law.

“I want to serve as a relatable liaison between underrepresented communities and the legal profession,” said Nonez.  “With my Haitian-Dominican background, I look forward to using translation to effectively represent clients in their respective matters.”

The duties of Mr. and Ms. FAMU Law are to represent the College of Law at community events and to serve as a liaison between the FAMU College of Law and FAMU’s main campus in Tallahassee.