Lake County School Board Member Mollie Cunningham Speaks To Lake County’s Retired Educators

Mollie Cunningham


TAVARES – Lake County School Board Member Mollie Cunningham spoke with the Lake County Retired Educators Association (LREA) at their general meeting Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at Tavares Civic Center, 100 Caroline Street, Tavares, Florida

A retired educator with more than 35 years of service, Ms. Cunningham shared how she wanted to be a lawyer, but because of her grandmother she became a teacher. A highly qualified teacher and principal, who is well-known for her excellent work turning around and improving low performing schools in Lake County.

She discussed items of importance concerning education, programs offered by Lake County high schools, and up-coming city commission projects. Ms. Cunningham also said that she was happy that a lot of school personnel understood and accepted the caveat that all students aren’t college bound, and will do very well in vocational careers, making great salaries.

“Ms. Mollie Cunningham was amazing and we enjoyed learning from her today,” said LREA President Georgette Ward.  “She made us aware of the various quality programs offered by our schools.”

“I totally concur with Ms. Cunningham. College isn’t for everyone. Those who don’t desire to go to college should be educated with the same diligence to be productive and independent adults in life,” concluded Ms. Ward.

Ms. Cunningham, a retired educator, served as principal of four schools. After retirement, she was asked to consider a run for Lake County’s School Board. She won in November 2020, making her the first African American elected to the Lake County School Board, a countywide office. Currently, she serves as Vice Chairman of the school board.