Local Minority Students Get Hands-On Introduction To An Energy Career At OUC

ORLANDO – On Thursday morning, several Central Florida middle and high school students learned about a career in the energy industry during the Youth Energy Academy at OUC’s Stanton Energy Center.

Dressed in hard hats and protective eyewear, the Youth Energy Academy students participated in interactive activities including a Water Demonstration at OUC’s Water Quality Lab and a tour of OUC’s fuel-diverse, environmentally sound power-generation facility, Stanton Energy Center. The students were also given a safety presentation and fleet presentation by OUC, and an engineering presentation by Bam Orlando.

Sponsored by the American Association of Blacks in Energy, The Youth Energy Academy is a two-day event of career exploration through interactive activities and engaging discussions designed to expose minority students in grades 8-12 to careers in electric utility industries and related STEM fields. This year’s event runs from July 27-28.