MAN UP Launches New Website

Inviting MAN UP Supporters to explore and be inspired

ORLANDO – After 12-months of hard work and dedication, today marks a milestone for MAN UP Mentoring, Inc. (MAN UP). After weeks of a soft launch, it is officially “Day One” for the organization’s newest project,

With an increasingly digital world, offers a user-friendly experience with improved navigation, functionality and compelling content.

The new digital space is an enlightening experience and will serve as a home for MAN UP subscribers to be informed and inspired. While there, visitors will be introduced to the organization’s mentees, allowing them a chance to explore their world and most importantly hear their triumphant stories. “When you read, Discovering Diamonds and watch the video, The Voice of Many, you began to unearth our why and become immersed in the plight, resilience, and power of our young people,” said Samantha Wallace, MAN UP’s Executive Director.

As natives of Northwest Orlando, it was equally important to the organization’s founders that the site was representative of their hometown, as well as the neighborhoods, youth, and families they serve. When exploring the site, it is apparent, it was designed to be vibrant, bold, cutting-edge and visually captivating.

“I’ve found profound fulfillment in this collaboration; it has truly been a labor of love. Meeting with the mentees, learning more about their individual stories, and making sure to genuinely capture their light has been an eye-opening experience,” shared Billie Hilliard, the marketing and branding consultant behind MAN UP’s social media presence and new web site. Hilliard went on to share, “It was critical to Chris and Samantha that each image and copy point captured the mentees stories with authenticity, sensitivity, and with a level of cultural competency.”

As the organization’s 10-year anniversary approaches, MAN UP will continue to unveil new features to the site like its first merchandise collection in 2024. Stay tuned as additional information is expected to follow in the coming months. In the meantime, explore as it continues to evolve.

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