Michael Johnson And The Brothers Of Soul Inc. Presented The Mother’s Day Southern Soul R&B Festival 


ORLANDO – This’ is one festival North Florida and South Georgia will never forget. Let me just say, “I’ll never forget it. With the support of Mr. Reginald Dantzler, my wife and I were able to attend this great Southern Soul festival as part of the Black Press to keep you informed about what’s going on in your community. At this event you had to get out the way because the mothers’ were having their day. It was a beautiful thing to see, the mothers’ that came from near and far to see performances by Ms. Kay K. Wilson, Cadillac Man, Queen Thickums, Candy P, Mzz Coco, Men of Soul w/Special Formula Band, Tabu, Sir Charles Jones, Lyfe Jennings, Pokey Bear and Lenny Williams. I also want to show love to Mr. Kenny Loggins, Mr. Jeff and Mr. Gary for their part in making the event a success. I did get a chance to talk with some of the artists and this is what they had to say. Ms. Kay K Wilson – “I live in Augusta, Ga. I’m from Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s my life. I have been singing all my life, started at 2yrs old. My mom was a DJ /Rapper/singer. I love bringing joy to everyone’s soul. I have a story about why I go so hard in everything that I do.” I asked, “What would you tell kids of today?” She replied, “Never give up, stay focused & know matter how hard it gets keep a positive mind, stay humble and know you can do anything through who that strengthen you.” I asked, “Who are some of your favorite artists?” She replied, “Aretha Franklin, Betty Wright, Jazmine Sullivan, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Sam Cooke.” I asked Mr. Cadillac Man, “What would you tell the kids of today?” He replied, “Stay passionate, practice and believe in yourself.” When asked where was he was from he stated he’s from TUSKEGEE, ALABAMA. Ms. Lias Rene Straughter aka Queen Thickums says her advice for young kids is “If you want to be a singer then follow your dreams. Education is very important and comes 1st. Never allow anyone to tell you that you can’t!!!!!! I sing Gospel and Soul. My favorite artists are Shirley Ceasar, Tina Turner Aretha Franklin, Pattie Labelle, Mable Staples. I’m from Valdosta Georgia.” Mr. Tabu, is originally from Arkansas but grew up in South Bend, Indiana, but now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. “My advice for kids is to be true with what you choose to go for in life. If it’s singing or whatever, make sure you do your best. Also, remember to always give your all and always be kind to people. You never know who might help you along your journey. My favorite singers are Mary Mitchell (my mom), Marvin Gaye, Gerald LeVert and Luther Vandross. Just to name a few.” Five stars goes to The Brother of Soul, Inc.