National College Fair Offers Free Workshops And Resources For Students

ORANGE COUNTY – The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), founded in 1937, is hosting the annual National College Fair at the Orange County Convention Center on Sunday, October 22. The National College Fair is free and offers workshops to help prepare students for college. Workshops have included seminars for NCAA student athletes, ACT-SAT writing, financial literacy, STEM careers, HBCU panels, financial aid, and first-generation income. Over 200 reps are expected to attend from different colleges and universities to help students in need.

This is something that Stacy Spencer is proud of. As the Orlando Chair for the NACAC, she said the National College Fair gives students the opportunity to connect and meet with college representatives from all over the nation for free.

“We essentially bring the colleges to the students and give them the opportunity to learn more about the institution, different scholarships and academic programs they offer, while giving them the platform to showcase themselves to their dream college and university,” Spencer said. “Students can expect in-house counseling and an academic resources center for one-on-one secondary and post-secondary academic advising.”

In addition to what Spencer indicated, one of the main draws to the fair are the workshops offered. Jonathan Baucom, who serves on the planning committee for the National College Fair, said this year’s workshops were carefully chosen with the interests of the students in mind.

“Our workshops were chosen thoughtfully, considering the specific needs, interests, and challenges encountered by students in their pursuit of higher education,” Baucom said. “The selection process focused on delivering precisely targeted guidance and support to empower students, setting them up for success in both their educational and career goals. These workshops are also crafted to address the unique circumstances students may face during their academic and professional endeavors. Ultimately, the workshops were customized to empower students, allowing them to confidently navigate their educational journey with determination and self-assurance.”

Baucom said the goal was to provide a comprehensive approach, guaranteeing students individualized support and access to resources essential for their success in education and future careers.

Over 2000 students from different areas attended last year’s fair, including students from Georgia, North Carolina and all of Central Florida and Miami as well. This year’s event is shaping up to be a success as well. NACAC believes in the transformative power of postsecondary education and wants it to be accessible to all. For additional information, visit