New Life Word Center Minister Patricia Eudell -Women of Destiny – Mother’s Day Retreat To St. Augustine

Mother's Day Guest Speaker Dr. Cynthia Shelton


SANFORD – New Life Word Center, led by Pastor Carl Eudell and Minister Patricia Eudell. Minister Patricia Eudell organized an enriching retreat to St. Augustine, Florida, over the Mother’s Day weekend. This event, part of the New Life Word Center Women of Destiny ministry, was a testament to the New Life Word Center’s commitment to building solid and faith-based communities and empowering Women to be Strong, Bold, Confident, Courageous, and with a God-driven purpose.

The Women of Destiny is a women’s ministry established by Minister Patricia Eudell in 2023 during her Women’s Love Theory Conference. The conference taught The Relationship Principles of Jesus. Focusing on relationship renewal, Learning how to love God with all your heart, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:29-31. The conference ended with the celebration of the Women of Destiny coming together to celebrate one another with strength, boldness, confidence, and as courageous women of faith who stand firm in their beliefs.

Minister Patricia Eudell led the church’s women on a memorable journey to St. Augustine, Florida, during Mother’s Day weekend. The trip was filled with joy, laughter, and strengthening bonds that will last a lifetime. The day retreat allowed the Women of Destiny Ministry to explore the historic city of St. Augustine, known as America’s oldest city. We visited the iconic Castillo de San Marcos and the serene Mission Nombre de Dios, engaging with the city’s rich past and architectural marvels. The experience was more than sightseeing; it was a spiritual bonding experience. It allowed the women to strengthen their bonds through shared experiences, discussions about faith, and communal activities. It was a time for tears, learning about bonding as spiritual sisters, laughter, joy, and creating memories that would resonate well beyond the church’s walls.

As a New Life Word Center member and of Woman of Destiny, I, Dr. Cynthia Shelton, was blessed by the experience and delighted to be asked to be the guest speaker for the   Mother’s Day Sunday service on May 14th by Minister Patricia Eudell. The Message of Maternal Influence was “The Characteristics of a Godly Mother.” Drawing from 2 Timothy 1:5-8, I spoke about the godly mothers’ profound impact on their children’s lives, citing biblical examples of Lois and Eunice’s influence on Timothy’s faith.

In celebrating the Pillars of Faith and Family, I outlined the virtues of a godly mother, emphasizing traits such as faithfulness, love, patience, and strength. These characteristics serve as a guide for mothers within the community to nurture and lead by example.

  1. Faithful: A godly mother’s unwavering belief is the bedrock of her family’s faith.
  2. Loving: Her love mirrors God’s unconditional love.
  3. Prayerful: Recognizing prayer’s might, she persistently intercedes for her loved ones.
  4. Patient: She embodies patience, acknowledging the growth process in everyone.
  5. Kind: Her kindness teaches her children empathy and compassion.
  6. Selfless: Prioritizing her family’s needs, she exemplifies self-sacrifice.
  7. Wise: Her wisdom steers her children through life’s complexities.
  8. Strong: Her resilience provides a sanctuary for her family amidst challenges.
  9. Nurturing: She fosters her children’s holistic growth—physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  10. Role Model: She lives the principles she wishes to instill in her offspring.

In conclusion: A Tribute to Mothers and Community, The Mother’s Day retreat to St. Augustine was more than a historical tour; it celebrated the enduring values of faith, friendship, and community. It underscored the importance of mothers’ roles in shaping their families and the broader church community.

Pastor Carl Eudell and Minister Patricia Eudell are the Ministry Leaders of New Life Word Center, which is more than a church—it is a celebration of faith, friendship, and the transformative power of God’s Word.

My husband, James Shelton (Deacon), and I, Dr. Cynthia Shelton, are blessed to be members of the New Life Word Center ministry in Sanford.

May God bless and keep you is our prayer.