Novelist Tina McElroy Ansa Discusses Spirituality At Beacon Salon Speaker Series

Tina McElroy Ansa


LEESBURG – Tina McElroy Ansa, a novelist who deals with spirituality, and Spirits, and the supernatural in her fiction was the guest speaker at the Beacon Salon Speaker Series held October 3, 2023 at Venetian Center 1 Dozier Circle, Leesburg, Florida 34748.

The author of five award-winning novels: “Baby of the Family”, The Hand I Fan With”, “Ugly Ways”, “You Know Better”, and “Taking After Mudear”. Spirituality and the supernatural are key elements of Ansa’s work.

When writing fiction, Ansa said always use the ideas of what you think you are comfortable with. Writing world fiction should be a joy and express what is important to you.

In her book “Baby of the Family”, she reveals that a child born with a veil over his face is connected to the spirit life. Just as the character Lena McPherson is born with a call on her life, which Ms. Ansa said, she “has felt that herself.”

During the program, Ms. Ansa discussed “many current events of her childhood, which took me back to my own lifelong learnings.”

Ms. Ansa expressed that as a writer you are required to help others learn about themselves and the world around them.