Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospitals Installs Nurse Call System To Enhance Communication And Patient Care

ORLANDO – Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is installing a new nurse call system at patient’s bedsides to enhance communication and patient care.

The remote panel gives patients three additional buttons for the patient to request assistance in addition to the traditional “NURSE” button. There are buttons that say “WATER,” “PAIN” and “TOILET” so the patient can specify their request.

These buttons are programmable to correspond with the appropriate caregiver. For example, if a patient pressed “PAIN,” a nurse would be called or if a patient pressed “TOILET,” then a technician would respond.

“This technology enables patients to communicate their needs to the appropriate person on their care team, which ensures they’re supported throughout their recovery in our hospital,” said Judy Colorado, RN, BSN, MA, chief nursing officer, Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital. “It also helps our nurses to efficiently prioritize their duties so every patient’s needs are fulfilled with precision and compassion.”