Orlando Utilities Commission Recognizes Orange County Student Artwork

The Water Color Project Spreads Awareness about Water Conservation

ORLANDO – The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) and 34 students from Orange County recently celebrated artwork designed to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation.

OUC launched the Water Color Project in 2006 as a way to teach future generations about conserving water. Each year, elementary, middle, and high school students participate in the educational art program by learning about why water is such a valuable resource and how to reduce usage. Then students are tasked with creating a piece of art to express what they have studied. Nearly 30,000 students have created water conservation artwork since the program’s inception.

“The Water Color Project is not just about preserving resources; it’s also about inspiring the next generation to become good stewards of our planet,” said Linda Ferrone, OUC Chief Customer & Marketing Officer. “It’s heartening to see young minds take such interest in this precious resource – and we love seeing their passion come through in art form.”

“Art education teaches students the skills to draw or paint and improves their creative thinking, problem-solving, self-expression, and appreciation of the world,” said Christy Garton, Visual Arts Program Specialist at Orange County Public Schools. “OUC’s Water Color Project is an excellent example of how art education achieves these goals. It encourages our students to recognize and advocate for conserving our most precious resource, water, while improving the planet.”

Elementary students create art for each month in OUC’s Water Conservation Calendar, which is distributed to the community. Middle and high school students paint rain barrels, which are auctioned off to OUC and OCPS employees. Proceeds go back to the school’s art program.

Winners were selected from the following schools:

  • Arbor Ridge K-8
  • Bishop Moore High School
  • Phillips High School
  • Oak Ridge High School
  • Bay Lake Elementary School
  • East Lake Elementary School
  • Stonewyck Elementary School
  • Andover Elementary School
  • Blankner K-8
  • Endeavor Elementary School
  • Sunridge Elementary School
  • Waterbridge Elementary School
  • Wedgefield School
  • Timber Creek High School