OUC Offers Energy and Cost-Saving Tips to Combat Summer Heat

Utility Offers Ways to Save on Bills

ORLANDO – With high temperatures expected above 95 degrees this week, energy use continues to climb. OUC The Reliable One offers tips to help beat the heat.

To help you save money when the heat is on, OUC recommends these easy-to-use tips:

  • Set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. Each degree you lower the thermostat below 78 can cost you 6 to 8 percent or more on cooling costs.
  • Replace dirty or clogged A/C filters.
  • Keep your A/C (central, window and split units) set to auto, so the fan isn’t constantly turning.
  • Instead of the A/C, use ceiling fans to feel cooler in the room you’re occupying. Make sure fans are turning counterclockwise, but don’t forget to turn them off when the room is empty.
  • Use shades, drapes, and blinds to keep the sun and heat out, especially on windows that face east or west.
  • Close windows and outside doors to prevent the air-conditioned air from escaping.
  • Only wash full loads in dishwashers and clothing washers. Using hot water can add about 90 percent to the cost of each load, so consider using cold water.
  • Clear your dryer vent regularly to prevent fires and improve efficiency.
  • Check your water heater temperature to ensure it’s set to no more than 125 degrees, otherwise you’re wasting energy.

Visit OUC.com/HotWeather to find more helpful tips.

Longer-term energy-saving solutions include:

  • Is your A/C unit the right size for your home? If it’s time to replace it, you could qualify for an OUC rebate.
  • Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. These devices can help save up to 10 percent on cooling costs.
  • Upgrading to ENERGY STAR® energy-efficient windows can reduce energy bills. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use.
  • For customers who aren’t sure if their homes or businesses are energy efficient, OUC offers FREE energy efficiency audits.

To assist customers with paying their bills, OUC offers a variety of programs, including the Power Pass prepaid program and Budget Billing and payment plans. Additionally, OUC’s Project CARE payment-assistance program provides emergency relief to those experiencing financial hardships.

For more tools to help save energy and money, visit OUC.com/waystosave.