Prominent Black Philanthropist And Former City Commissioner Launches Public Affairs Agency In Six Florida Cities

Von Johnson

ORLANDO — Von Johnson, a distinguished Black philanthropist, former DeLand City Commissioner, and successful business investor, is proud to announce the grand opening of the Johnson Advisory Group. This new venture is set to bring an unprecedented level of expertise, advocacy, and community engagement to six chief cities across Florida.

With an illustrious career in public service and a passion for making a meaningful impact in local communities, Von Johnson is poised to lead the Johnson Advisory Group to becoming a pivotal player in the field of public affairs and community development.

The agency will have a physical presence in the following Florida cities: (1) Tallahassee, (2) Jacksonville, (3) Orlando, (4) St. Petersburg, (5) Ft. Lauderdale, and (6) Miami.  The Johnson Advisory Group will specialize in providing client centric solutions for nonprofit organizations, corporate groups, and government agencies. Services include:

  • Public Affairs: Expertise in navigating local, state, and federal government processes, advocating for clients’ interests, and shaping public policy
  • Business Development: Providing consumer market research, short- and long-term planning, request for proposals, and fostering meaningful connections between organizations and their communities to drive positive change
  • Impact Investments: Guiding clients through challenging situations, with strategies to obtain small business loans, nonprofit grants, and sponsorships

“I am honored to lead this agency in my beloved home state of Florida. Our team is committed to making a lasting difference in the communities we serve. With our extensive experience, diverse perspectives, and unwavering dedication, we are poised to drive positive change and elevate the voices of those who need it most.”