Purdue 7 – LSU 63, The Cheez-It Bowl! Doug Richard Flutie And Tyree Walter (Back Judge) 

Jimmie Williams and Doug Flutie


ORLANDO – This is one game day I will never forget. College football games at its best. When I say you don’t know me, that’s just what I mean. You don’t! Lol! I really don’t know myself, because when I got up this morning I said, “thanks to my Lord for waking me up and to now have your way with me Father.” Now the day started out like any other day. That is until my first cousin, Junior Walter shows up on time at my house for us to go to the game. He got to my house at exactly ten o’clock as he said he would. I knew at that moment this day was going to be one heck of an experience that I’ll never forget. You see my first cousin Junior Walton’s son, Tyree Walter (Back Judge) also my cousin, was a referee for the Purdue vs. LSU Cheez-it Bowl game at the Citrus Bowl in the beautiful City of Orlando. The first thing to happen was that we couldn’t get into the game because Junior Walter couldn’t pull up the tickets on his phone. Myself and his friend Mr. George “Pop” Gordon (who is with us) we were crying in laugher for about 15 minutes. Lol! Finally we’re in the game and on the field. My cuz Junior Walter is the man! The first person I saw on the field I stopped him and asked, “hey young man would you take a picture with me?” Right away he said yes. So selfie it was. Then I continued on walking when Junior Walter says, “let’s take picture with my son the Referee (Tyree Walter Back Judge) and some other friends and family members.” I was like yes, this is football history making moments. Now we’re walking on the field headed to our seats. My cuz Junior says, “man I would love to take a picture with Doug Flutie.” I said, “Junior, I took a picture with him already. Junior just started laughing. I asked who is he and well the rest is history. Lol! Doug Richard Flutie is an American former football quarterback whose professional career spanned 21 seasons. He played 12 seasons in the National Football League, eight seasons in the Canadian Football League, and one season in the United States Football League. I ended up settling next to Ayden D and Amanda L. Amanda’s father Jason Ledet is a Side Judge at the game. I had an awesome time with the Mr. Jason Ledet’s family as we enjoyed the game. You’re not going to believe me, but here goes nothing. I’m sitting there and I looked up at the jumbotron and there I was center screen at the first biggest college football game of the year on January 2, 2023 at the Citrus Bowl. This was a family reunion football game for my family because my brother (Daniel Boone Williams) grandson will be playing for the UCF Knights. His name is Sincere Edwards. He and his father, Malcolm Edwards were also at the game. Sincere is now attending Wekiva High School in Central Florida. Tyree Walter is also preparing to referee for the NFL. I can’t wait to see Tyree and Sincere in the same game, on the same field in The NFL. Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There