Race Amity Day Celebration In Lake County

TAVARES – Race Amity Day Celebration was held on Sunday, June 11, 2023, 2 PM at Tavares Public Library.

The Opening Song: “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand” was sung in unison, by everyone in attendance.

Herb Reed, read a Proclamation from Lake County Board of County Commissioners recognizing the second Sunday of June as Race Amity Day, for the thirty plus years.

Pastor Reginald Green of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, facilitated an Ice Breaker: Pastor Green placed tent cards on each table with the following words; Respect, Heritage, Hope, Tolerance, Appreciation, Neighbor, Peace. The attendees were given 7 minutes to discuss their word and present a summary of how to implement change in race relations.

Pastor Jim Mory, Union Congregational Church, Tavares, Pastor Michael Watkins, Friendship C.M.E. Church, Tavares, Pastor Reginald Green, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Tavares, Pastor L.D. Brown, St. John I.F.M. Church, Tavares co-sponsored the Event.

The Event concluded with the singing of  “I Need You To Survive” by Hezekiah Walker and The Love Fellowship Choir.