Race Amity Day In Sanford


SANFORD – The third annual Race Amity Day was held in Sanford Florida on June 11, 2023. Mayor Art Woodruff read Sanford’s Race Amity Day proclamation to the approximately 60 attendees. Dr. Patrice Anderson, provided an update on the progress of Sanford’s Race, Equity, Equality and Inclusion Committee.

Race Amity Day is a national effort to create bonds of friendship (amity) across economic, racial, religious, and ethnic borders. The beauty of the day is in drawing together and celebrating the beauty of the various cultures, colors, and practices within our human family.  Prayers and devotions for unity from Christian, Islamic, Sikh, and Baha’i were offered. Food was shared in Ft. Mellon Park and the Sikh children played a harmonium while singing a prayer, the African American and Caribbean drummers invited us all to share in their drumming.

A foundational belief of the Baha’is of Sanford and the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Seminole County, East who sponsor the commemoration of this day is that the beauty of the human family lies in its variety.  As was written in a message from the Baha’is of the United States in June of 2020: “Baha’is have been consistently engaged in creating models of unity in communities. The aim is not unity in sameness—it is unity in diversity. It is the recognition that everyone in this land has a part to play in contributing to the betterment of society… .”